MYDENTALWIG Fully Patented & FDA Cleared ! Less Invasive – Less Expensive – Totally Mobile – We Come To You

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About Us

We are in the business of Health, Wellness & Wearable

We are raising funds to hire the most talented staff including CTO, Growth Product Manager etc… in the USA to assist us with the deployment and execution of our plan.

Our Mission

We believe that it is our mission to make premium dental products accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to solve missing teeth in the world because we believe that Everybody deserves a Natural Healthy & Beautiful Smile™. iDentalwig™ in each mouth with missing tooth/teeth.

Our Team

Lydie Tchouangang Livolsi

CEO & Founder

Mother, Inventor enthusiast, Innovator, Key-note Speaker 

Carmichael Casinader

Interim CFO Managing Partner at Vista Global Capital

Minority Investor after funding

Over 300 paid freelancers ranging from software engineers to graphic designers, virtual assistant, MBAs, BAs, national and international PRs firms, CPA & different types of engineers (mechanical, electrical) etc….

Advisory team