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Customer Support Q & A

Your Dental Wig Order

How Do I Order My Dental Wig?

Do you offer financing?

Online Appointments

How Long Does It Take To Make My Dental Wig?

Is a Dental Wig a long lasting product?

What Is Your Shipping & Delivery Policy?

Do you speak Spanish?

Do You Offer Discounts?

What is your Buy Once Smile Forever Payment Plan?

If I sign up for Buy Once Smile Forever and you are not servicing my zip code, how am I going to get my Dental Wig?

Buy Once Smile Forever, is it a dental insurance?

Is Buy Once Smile Forever like a dental discount plan?

When do I get Started with making My Dental Wig?

Do you have multi language team?

Where are you located?

Dental Wig Product

What Is A Dental Wig?

What Color Is My Dental Wig?

How Does My Dental Wig Stay In Place In My Mouth?

Does My Dental Wig covers my other teeth?

Do You Need Impressions In Order To Make My Dental Wig?

How Do I Live Everyday With My Dental Wig?

Before & After Pictures (Actual Clients)

If I want a Dental Wig Where should I go? Where are you located?

Do you price per Tooth Missing?

Can I chew and sleep with My Dental Wig without pain?

What is Buy Once. Smile for Ever Plan?

Why My Dental Wig is a Dental Implant Alternative?

When do I get My Dental Wig?

I have to pay in full before I get My Dental Wig?

Become a Licensee

What does that mean "Become a Licensee"

How much does it cost to become My Dental Wig Licensee?

What does My Dental Wig Licensing Opportunity mean?

How much does it cost to become My Dental Wig Licensee?

About EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

What is EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program?

How does EB-5 work?

If I am Interested in EB-5, in Which State am I going to move in?

I don't have the required cash but I want to leave in USA, can I still qualified?

I will love to have the EB-5 investor visa, what should I do?

I need to go to USA for business, what is the process?

l am willing to do business in America if l see the opportunity.

I want go to America for work and live a better life than here, can you help me?

How do I become part of the foreign investor?