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3 Types of Dental Bridges for Solving Missing Teeth Problems

 Good health starts with the mouth. It's not just the food you eat – although that obviously matters too. It's about how clean you keep your mouth. If you don't brush and floss properly, you're at increased risk of gum disease, abscesses, and infections. Unfortunately, if you wear a dental bridge, it can be difficult to clean your mouth properly. Here's a list of three different types of dental bridges and the problems they present.

Contra-gingival bridges

Every dental bridge includes two supporting teeth plus the tooth that replaces the missing one – the pontic (from the French word "pont" which means "bridge"). In a contra-gingival bridge, the pontic sits below the ridge of the gum, thus providing a more pleasing aesthetic. The problem is that food gets trapped between the pontic and the gum, causing bad breath and accelerated decay.

Juxta-gingival bridges

In this dental bridge, the pontic is leveled with the ridge of the gum. There are less cleaning difficulties, but unfortunately the aesthetic won't last. As bone loss occurs around the missing tooth's space over time, your gum shrinks, and that shrinking leaves a gap between the pontic and the ridge of the gum. This often creates dark spots between the teeth and these are visible when people smile.

Supra-gingival bridges

In this case, the pontic is above the gum – which makes it very easy to clean. The problem in this option is that there is a very noticeable gap between your gum and your pontic, which is not pleasant to look at.

So what's the best solution?

My Dental Wig

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Lydie Livolsi, Smile Expert (SEx)


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