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EB5: Can We Make A Down Payment?


 Hello! I'm Lydie from Los Angeles, Happy Monday!



Today is Monday, August 19th, 2019, and ONLY 93 days left for you to save almost one million dollars USD from your application of the EB5 Visa Investment. 



So, before I start my video, once again, I want to thank all of you guys who asked your questions, who contacted us about your interest. So, basically today, we are going to talk about one of the main questions that came out yesterday. So, one of the main questions is: "is there a possibility, is there a kind of payment plan, or can we make a deposit, or something like that". So, I want to go direct to the point. The EB5 Visa Investment Program is created by the USA government, and it's really under its control. We can't negotiate the amount. It's nonnegotiable. There is no payment plan, there is no layaway, there is no down payment. No.  You have to have that amount of one million US dollars. That is, it. It's nonnegotiable. And, the way it works is that, when you pass your funds vetting process, basically, there will be like a transfer of money. We will create your bank account, your business bank account, all of these, with the EB5 Lawyer, the business Lawyer, our CPA. We will create your business account here in Los Angeles, and you will transfer that amount of money. It has to be, the one million dollars USD, plus the $50,000 dollars to pay for legal fees. Unfortunately, there is no negotiation, we can't try to break down the amount, because it's required by the federal government, and it's non-negotiable. 



 So, I hope this helps you getting ready, and keep in mind one more time that  amount of money, you can get it from a personal loan, not from a business loan, because you have to be able to provide to the US government , where/ the way/ how you earn that money. It can come from business, from inheritance, everything except drugs, trafficking, corruption, crimes, things like that. When you have the proof of that money, that $1,000,000 dollars USD, it's fine. 



So, go ahead, start to get your money ready, making sure that everything is okay. Get back to us as soon as possible because time is going. It's very fast. Today is August 19, 2019, 93 days left. you know. Time to get everything ready, to translate all the documents in English, all of this. I mean, you first application, the I-526 needs to be submitted to the USCIS, not later than on November 20, 2019. When I say November, you have to start now, so that, by September, your application is on file you know.



Okay, so, again, thank you so much. Visit our website at and click on the page EB5 Visa Investment, watch our videos, read everything. At the bottom of the page, there is a contact form. Please, fill out that contact form, ask us all your questions, and I will be more than happy to be here and share with other people. Okay? Also, the fastest way to do is to send us a text message on Viber or WhatsApp. So, I really appreciate all these people, all those prospects who sent us messages. Continue to do that.  And, we are very active on our social media. So, you can follow me on Twitter @lydielivo and send your questions as well, or LinkedIn, or Facebook or Instagram @lydie, all those social media platforms as well as



So, thank you so much for watching. 93 days left. Don't let it go. Take advantage. Take action today.







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