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A Billion Dollars in Smiles Could Be Yours

This article was first published on LinkedIn on Published on March 1, 2020 by 

Charles Caldwell


Here is a huge and clever money-making opportunity. Follow the story and you'll come to the same conclusion.

The Dental Technology

Lydia Livolsi is a dentist with a lot of experience. In fact, she owns the patents for the impression technology used by Invisalign and SmileDirectClub. That's another story. This story is about a disruptive methodology and technology Lydia developed to provide people with dentures to fill the gaps left by missing teeth and people their smile back. Over 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth.

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Traditional methods of filling toothless smiles burdens people with expensive (and painful) dentist or orthodontic visits and limited help from insurance companies. Lydia's method is economical and super high quality (an obsession for Lydia). There is no implant, no bridge, no drill, therefore no pain. Customers have been delighted with the results. In fact, they have been over the moon. Actually, people have been so happy with the results that the word spread virally. When Lydia advertised on Facebook the demand was overwhelming. Instant demand in the thousands. She stopped advertising. Lydia couldn't supply the demand and wished to not disappoint potential customers. Her business, MyDentalWig, needed capital in order to scale. "MyDentalWig is like Uber for dental: you pay, they come to you and take care of everything." (From a Smiling Customer)

I asked Lydia what she'd say to a potential investor in an elevator. The "30 Second Rule" if you like. Her answer: "I am on the ground floor of a disruptive dental technology worth billions of dollars. I received thousands of replies to an ad and had to stop because the demand overwhelmed the supply. Interested in learning more?" Stop elevator.

The Capital Concept

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Short of hitting up venture capitalists and reluctant banks, Lydia figured out another way to fund her business: the EB-5 investors visa. This USA investors visa grants US residency. Individuals looking to move to the United States, who have a spare US$ 1 - 2 million dollars cash on hand, can literally walk into a business waiting to explode. Pick your zip code, where ever you want to live, and help your new American friends get their smiles back.

Lydia's elevator pitch for this capital raising concept: "I have a huge business opportunity for investors seeking an investment opportunity that would allow them to gain residency in the United States. The high tech concept is disruptive dental technology in very high demand.".

Learn more about Lydia's ground floor opportunity in these news articles: LondonTV, Times Business News and Health Tips Everyday. Lydia has her team in place, including a US visa attorney and NASCAR entrepreneur. Of course, once conquering the United States, there is the rest of the world. If you're interested in making millions, or even billions, of dollars and feeling entrepreneurial, contact Lydia Livolsi on LinkedIn.

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