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Answer To EB5 Visa Back Log



The answer to this question above is "Because it's worth it" #ChinaMainland is 16+ years back log. #Vietnam: 7+years    #India: 6+ years   #SouthKorea: 1+ years   #Brazil: 1+ years #Taiwan: 1+ years

Do you think that these investors who had ALREADY INVESTED their EB5 money into US companies are stupid? Of course, NO!

Every year, the USA grants EB5 foreign investors with the USA visa that will lead to the US green card in exchange of their investment into US based companies with a limit of 700 EB5 foreign investors per year and per country.

So, for example: 6+ years #India EB5 back log means that there are 700 Indian EB5 investors in line each year for 6 years or 4,200+ Indian EB5 investors had already invested and are in the waiting line for their turn.

If all these rich people are in line for the US green card, it means that EB5 investor Visa is worth it.

So, if your money is clean, start your EB5 with us as soon as possible to be in line and wait for your turn. It will happen. The good thing to invest with us, is that, we start with the funds vetting process. Which means that, we will not touch your money until our bank and our EB5 Lawyer confirm that you have passed the vetting. If you don’t pass, our bank will refund your full money.

The money can come from a personal loan, which means that you can borrow the money and show the proof of your loan. Now, when the money is borrowed, it’s a proof that the money is clean. Having clean money is not enough. That’s why our EB5 Lawyer will confidentially talk to you about your tax returns. As you know, tax returns show where your money is coming from and how you have been using your money. If your tax returns are clear, then, you will automatically pass the funds vetting process.


What Our Competitors Are Doing?


Most of our competitors take first your money and start using it before vetting. If you don’t pass the funds vetting process, you are screwed because, they already started to use your money and you won’t get your money back right away. That’s why, you have the following bad results:


5,604 EB5 investors put their money. 4,390 were rejected and only 1,214 were approved with their I-829 which is the final petition for the USA green card. 4,390 rejected means that, their money was taken before the funds vetting process.

If you are serious about getting your US green card through the EB5 process, use our fast, and most TRANSPARENT EB5 process in the market.

WhatsApp: +1 562 279 5770 and read the following article:


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