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Are you grateful to your Dentists


When I started My Dental Wig business, my clients always asked me:

-Lydie, are these your teeth or your Dental Wig?

Me: mine. I know, I am so blessed, right?

Few years ago, I just heard a " Crrr" in my lower jaw & I was in HELL of pain! One tooth cracked without any reason.

I went to the dentist & we couldn't save it. I got my first tooth extracted.

I went home, and 2 days later, I was eating a croissant with my coffee when my tongue suddenly hit something on my upper teeth, and gosh! HELL in pain!

The world toothache does not really translate the level of pain from toothache.

I saw the same dentist who did an extraordinary job!

Both teeth were my 1rst molar on the upper and lower jaws. These are the strongest 3 rooted teeth with the highest chewing coefficient. None of them had a cavity.

I will explain later the reasons behind having sudden cracked teeth. These 2 teeth are the most difficult teeth to pulled out.

Today, I want to comment that dentist!

Before the extraction, he said to me : If I miss it, I will have to refer you to another dentist. I told him: don't worry, you are SO GOOD! He did a fantastic job. This man was my second GREAT DENTIST ever in extractions!

So grateful!

Now, my answer to my client is: both

Have a Smiley weekend!


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