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Big Question: Are Dental Implants The Best Solution To Missing Teeth?

If you have recently visited a dentist and had a tooth extracted (Fig 1), your dentist may have recommended replacing the tooth with a Dental Implant. Although a Dental Implant may seem like the best option, that often isn't the case. The Dental Implant procedure is painful, invasive and can leave you prone to infection. Also, Dental Implants can fail causing excruciating pain and the need for further painful and expensive procedures.

 Fig 1

After-Dental Implant Pain is not just about a foreign body: The absence of the natural periodontal ligament around the Dental Implant is the main cause of pain after insertion of the Dental Implant

Fig 2  

Another thing to consider is the periodontal ligament, which is the natural ligament that runs along the root of your natural tooth, attaching your tooth to the jaw and absorbing pressure while you are chewing (Fig 2). Dental implants are attached directly to the jaw bone (Fig 3, Fig 4, Fig 4a, Fig 4b), leaving the tooth without the protection of the periodontal ligament. This leaves the tooth with zero shock absorption. When chewing, the implant diging into the jaw bone with the risk of hitting the nerve which causes nerve damage, or hitting the sinus that can lead to sinus perforation and that causes further serious complications such as numbness, tingling sensation in the gum and face (cheek, chin, lips, tongue etc.), pressure or congested nose and long-term pain. The damage to the nerve can be permanent.

Fig 3  

Fig 4  

Fig 4a   

Fig 4b  
The periodontal ligament also plays a part in protecting you from gum disease. In people with dental implants, because the implant is attached directly to the jaw bone, there is a risk of a similar issue called peri-implant disease. This occurs when bacteria is trapped between the bone and the implant and eats away at the bone. It is just as dangerous as gum disease and can spread more quickly and be more painful.

What is MyDentalWig and how does it work?

MyDentalWig is the long-lasting, painless  (fig 5) and affordable alternative to a Dental Implant that provides you with a Natural, Healthy and Beautiful Smile™ Fig 6, Fig 7, Fig 8, Fig 9). No Dental Insurance, No Dental Discount, No Credit Check Needed. So, everyone qualifies.

Fig 5  


Fig 6  


Fig 7  

Fig 8  


Fig 9  

MyDentalWig is made of an acrylic dental material and is custom fit into the empty spaces on your jaw. MyDentalWig is small and rigid and snaps into your jaw easily. It will stay in place while you are chewing, sleeping, drinking or kissing.

Aging Beautifully With MyDentalWig

When choosing between a Dental Implant and MyDentalWig, of course MyDentalWig it’s a no-brainer. Keep in mind that MyDentalWig is safe, comfortable, affordable and leaves you far less susceptible to risks associated with dental implants. My Dental Wig has it all. With our BuyOnceSmileForever™ prepaid programs (fig 10), you save big money, paying just $60 per month and per jaw. We will come to you, replace all the missing teeth in one jaw, and as a special gift, we ship to you every 3 or 4 months our complete line of SMILE products care. There is no credit check so everyone qualifies.

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