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Can I buy Standalone EB5 Visa Investment For my Mistress or My Hidden Child. EB5 77 Days Left

Hello! This is Lydie Livolsi broadcasting directly from Los Angeles, California. Today is September 4, 2019, only 77 days left before November 21, 2019, when the amount required by the U.S government to apply for the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment will go up from $1,000,000 dollars USD to $1,800,000 dollars USD. So, I'm here today as every day, to share some useful tips that will help you to save over $800,000 dollars USD. Can you imagine! 



The question for today September 4, 2019 is "Lydie, who can buy the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment on your company's website "Who is it for?" "Who is your perfect client?" Well, there are 2 categories of clients.



1- Direct buyer: the buyer is the user: this means that the buyer is buying the EB5 visa Investment for self, spouse and children under 21. 



2- Indirect buyer: the buyer is not the user. Which means, the buyer is purchasing the EB5 for someone else. For example, one of prospects asked me "Lydie, I have my son who is his thirty. I had him when I was student. I am currently married with my wife and my other children, but I was wondering if I can buy this Standalone EB5 Visa for my son. He always dreams to live in USA. Is it possible?”. The answer is absolutely yes you can sponsor your son, as long as your money is clean there is no problem. If you have the $1,000,000 dollars USD required, go to, select Buyer to sponsor someone else. The good thing here is that, you can be anywhere in the world, and sponsor family members, friends, anybody you want, who lives everywhere in the world directly from your computer, without even leave your home. We made it very simple. It's your money and you want to help somebody getting the US green card through the EB5 Visa Investment Program. The only thing is that the beneficiary of your sponsorship must have a written agreement with you about the terms whether it's a gift, a loan etc. You can make a gift of $1,000,000 dollars USD to anyone you want. It's your money. 



The Standalone EB5 Investment offers at is really a great opportunity given to anybody who has the $1,000,000 dollars USD required, to help anybody anywhere on the planet. There are many people out there willing to come and live in America. 



 Another man asked " Lydie, I live in USA, I have the clean $1,000,000 dollars required. Can I sponsor my family members currently oversea, to come here in USA through the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment?" Absolutely, you can buy our turnkey standalone EB5 visa Investment for your relatives as well. No problem. 



When you buy your turnkey standalone visa at , your money is put on hold by the bank. We will not touch the money until the buyer passes the funds vetting process. This is a crucial step. Any buyer who does not pass the funds vetting process, will get full refund. 



Buying your turnkey standalone EB5 visa investment online, is a matter to make sure that, this is the amount and we won't bill you in the future for endless extra. So, you know that you bought your EB5 for $1,000,000 dollars plus all the fees, that is it. You don't want to get unpleasant invoices coming up. With us, you paid for that amount one time, and it's done. You won't be billed for anything. No more invoices. It's part of the transparency of our turnkey Standalone EB5 Visa investment offer and also part of what I, Lydie Livolsi, Founder of stand for. I stand for this type of integrity, this type of transparency where you see exactly what is done. We don't try to crook people. It's really about all Win. The buyer wins. The USCIS wins. My Dental Wig wins. The full-time employees win. It's an all win transparent process. 



That's all for today. Thank you so much for reading. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and all social media platforms. Subscribe to My Dental Wig You Tube channel to get all our new videos. Like and post your comments below those videos to help us improve your experience. On website, sign up to the newsletter, to receive all offers and specials. It's a fantastic journey. Please, act today before it's too late to save over $800,000 dollars USD. Only 77 days left before November 21, 2019, when this amount of $1,000,000 dollars USD required by the US government will increase to $1,800,000 dollars USD. This is a great opportunity for you to save almost $1milliion dollars USD. At the end of the day, after November 20,2019, we will still be here offering our turkey standalone EB5 visa investment at $1,800,000 dollars USD. 



It's all for today. Thank you so much for your time. If you need quick answer to any question, WhatsApp or Viber us at +1 562 279 5770



Bye now



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