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Can you heal a cavity through diet?

Anyone who has heard a dentist declare "Cavity" knows the sinking feeling that follows. Wouldn't it be great if your teeth could heal the decay-causing a cavity in the same way your body heals a broken leg? A new study has shown that may be possible.

A grain-free diet that is rich in whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy dietary fats has tentatively shown to reverse tooth decay in a group of children and facilitate healing in the tooth root and enamel. While lack of adequate minerals and over consumption of sugar lead to tooth decay, consuming raw dairy products such as Goat's milk kefir, raw cheeses, and organic grass-fed butter is shown to boost the resiliency of teeth. Finally, diets rich in Vitamins D and K, as well as magnesium will help your body produce the materials needed for teeth to heal cavities.

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Lydie Livolsi, Smile Expert (SEx)

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