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Churchill’s False Teeth Sold At Auction For Over $23,000

Pros and cons of false teeth

Quick reminder: dental implants are false teeth

Many individuals who have lost their teeth wonder if they are supposed to get dentures. This list of advantages and disadvantages can assist patients find out if they want to fit for these fixtures— and if so, which sort might be correct for them.


Dentures have a few fundamental benefits. For many people, the long-term benefits outweigh the disadvantages.




  • Makes it simpler to eat.
  • Makes it simpler to speak obviously.
  • Improves your smile's appearance.
  • Supports the facial muscles, sometimes making the appearance more youthful.
  • Modern dentures are more comfortable than those produced with prior techniques and materials and look more like natural teeth.
  • Dentures are easy to adjust
  • Removable false teeth are “ambulatory” devices, meaning that they fit while wearing them. According to the American Dental Association, dentures may eventually require adjustment or substitution as they wear out, and as the form of your mouth and jaw changes over the years.
  • unlike fixed prostheses, a removable denture can be sold at auction like the example of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill removable gold denture sold for more than $23,000 in an open auction in London.
  • unlike fixed prostheses, a removable dental appliance is easier to clean, allows easy mouth cleaning as well, leaving the mouth healthy with a fresh breath
  • Many sets can be made




  • Overnight dentures are not made. To be correctly equipped, you will need several visits to the. The length of time it takes depends on the denture type.
  • Before getting used to carrying them, there is an adjustment period. At first, they feel weird in the mouth and can trigger sorrow and saliva. It requires exercise to pronounce certain sounds.
  • With dentures, you'll need to know how to eat. Chewing feels different a little bit. In addition, unlike natural teeth that have nerves that make them susceptible to temperature and texture, false teeth dentures and even dental implants, are not susceptible to hot or cold foods or difficult or sharp foods.
  • One prevalent issue is that the false teeth may occasionally slide out of place, particularly reduced dentures, which move more. Usually this is fixed by soft bite and swallow.
  • Some types of false teeth are costly, such as denture implants.
  • Crowns, bridges and implants are bloody processed false teeth.
  • Bridge may require damaging 2 or more healthy teeth to serve as abutment therefore may cost more.
  • Dental implant can cause irreversible nerve damage on the lower jaw.
  • Dental implant may cause sinus perforation on the upper jaw.
  • Dental implant can be painful for life
  • Dental implant may be prohibited to diabetes patients
  • Dental implant is prohibited to smokers



In conclusion, the patented possibility given to consumers to get their false teeth manufacturing process without the dentist leads to best fit, best quality dentures, because dentists like physicians who don’t make drugs, don’t make the teeth. The big beneficiary of MyDentalWig is you the consumer.

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