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Customer's Questions Series #1


We found out that our customers have very important questions that might help others, that is why, beside getting them published in our Questions and Answer page, we have decided to publish them in series here as blog posts to benefit all our email list subscribers. For confidentiality reasons, we will not share our client's information

Thanks for your inquiries sent on Facebook Messenger.


We are going to provide you with the most accurate answers to all your questions. And if after that, you still have more questions, we will always be here to assist you.

  • 1 - Question: Is it a removable prosthetic:

Answer:  Yes, My dental wig is removable. My Dental Wig is an elegant, ecofriendly, affordable, long lasting, metal and pain free, dental implant alternative that snaps into the empty space on your jaw and replaces all your missing teeth.For better understanding, click here

  • 2 - Question: containing whichever teeth, you are missing?

Answer: Yes, we charge per jaw no matter how many teeth are missing on the jaw.

  • 3- Can you eat with it?
  • Answer: Absolutely yes. You will eat apple, meat, bred etc. To listen to Rebecca, one of our happy clients, click here   
  • 4 - Question: How does it stay in?


Answer: Our Dental Wig snaps into the empty space your natural teeth were and replaces them. You take it out when you are brushing your teeth. You brush it, rinse it, snaps it and go. Listen to Laura here 


  • 5- Question: Are you all over the country or just in LA and if you are just LA why are you advertising all over on FB?

Answer:  We are a Los Angeles based company with demand and planning to grow nationwide. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Airbnb, Uber etc. are all California based company like us, who started advertising like us nationwide. We in California know how to scale toward east coast. We have clients flying from outside US like David that you can listen to him by clicking here   or Wanda who flew from Atlanta here


  • 6- Question: Are you saying if I lose another tooth somewhere along the line that you will redo it in the middle of the 3 year period?

Answer: We are saying that, if you lose another tooth somewhere along the line, after the 36 months layaway, we will redo anew one, not in the middle, UNLESS you pay off the balance. I hope my answer is clear.


  • 7- Question: You need someone to help you with your ads for sure; left me with waaay too many questions

Answer: We will always be here for you Margo answering all your questions. This is why, we asked for questions on the messenger chat and follow up here with detailed email.


  • 8- Question: What about people with tori or the ridge at the roof of the mouth that runs front to back? 

Answer: It does not matter, because (i) We come to you , we don’t ship the kit for impressions nor your Final Dental Wig, which means our trained and background checked Dental wig will come to you. (ii) Your Dental Wig is made from your custom impressions at the moment, making it accurate. (iii) Our price includes up to five trips plus 1 adjustment at no extra charge. (iiii) All these together allows us to deliver the best customer experience ever. We handle all cases of missing teeth. Listen to Karen with a pretty much complicated case here


  • 9- Question: What about those of us with extreme gag reflex???

Answer: Our trained Dental Wig knows how to handle clients with tough gagging reflex. Click on the following link to listen to Dan, one of our happy clients with a HEAVY gagging reflex here


  • 10- Question: Don't know what I want because I'm trying to figure out exactly what it is you do and how long I have to pay for this item on "layaway" until I get it.

Answer:  First of all, here, we are offering Buy Once Smile Forever a layaway monthly subscription to get missing teeth replaced. Which means that if you can pay off up front (with your credit/debit card) this offer is not for you. This layaway is for people for many reasons don’t have access to financing. Secondly, for those who are looking for a dental peace of mind for the replacement of their missing teeth, our Buy Once Smile Forever is the greatest option. Thirdly, we made the payment simple and affordable:  we charge per jaw. Each of us has 2 jaws no matter how rich you are. At some point in our life, we might lose teeth on each jaw.  That’s why it’s better to subscribe for the 2 jaws.


  • 11- Question:  I am missing a 1-tooth bridge plus 3 other teeth on top:

Answer: Again, the number of missing teeth on 1 jaw does not affect the price. We don’t charge customers based on the number of teeth we will replace. We charge our client based on their 2 jaws. Our mission is to replace all missing teeth on paid jaw at the same price. AND WE COME TO YOU AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Dentists, dental insurance, dental saving don’t come to you. We DO!.


  • 12- Question: Last time I checked $60x 30 was $1,800....???

Answer: Yes. However, it is 36, not 30.


Dear customer, we hope we provided accurate, clear answers to your questions. If you need to get some teeth pulled. Do it. Also get your cleaning, filling from a regular dentist.

We offer replacement of missing teeth only.

To Sign up today and lock your price for 3 years, click  here




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