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Customer's Questions Series #2

" Customer Questions Series" was created to share our answers to questions that customers are asking, That way, it benefits everybody

We hope all is well. Also thank you for reaching out to us to learn more about how our Buy Once Smile Forever™ layaway can help you improve your health and wellness through your smile.

You mentioned that you are missing teeth on your upper and lower jaws, and still need to get some teeth pulled.

We know exactly what you feel inside with missing teeth for the past 6 years. We  can assure you, that these days are going to be over the moment you sign up to our Buy Once Smile Forever upper and lower jaw, which was designed to really provide to people like you, with a real dental peace of mind. A state of mind that, you can go to bed every night without having to worry about, “how am I going to get my teeth fixed” or “how can I afford to get my lost teeth replaced”.

Why 36 months?

The root of a tooth sits inside what it is called jawbone. When a tooth is extracted or comes out by itself, the bone loss process begins. In fact, the jawbone’s purpose is to support the tooth, that’s why its mission is over when the tooth is gone. Few weeks after the extraction, the gum heals. Then for about the next 3 months, there is a big bone loss, that we can see from dental impressions. Then another big bone loss occurs at around 18 months after the extraction etc.

 Studies showed that every 3 years, the bone in general shrinks, therefore, removable dental devices need to be replaced with new dental impressions, new teeth alignment according to the new mouth’s morphology. Tooth loss is followed by the bone loss and the drifting of other teeth. Other teeth start shifting after the bone loss, because teeth are meant to stay in contact to each other. Now, because of the empty space between them, they are under “stress”, they shift toward wherever they can find a contact. This causes a total misalignment of your smile and obviously the beginning of bad chewing habits. Because we are missing teeth let say on our left side, our brain subconsciously will send our meal to the other side of our mouth. If the other side is also missing some teeth, our brain will send the meal to our front teeth: we start to chew with our front teeth like rabbits. Chewing with our front teeth, forces us to constantly push our lower jaw forward to be able to bite with our upper and lower front teeth. These bad chewing habits can lead to constant headaches because we are overusing our TMJ (temporal mandibular joint), the only preciously important joint on our head.

Any bad chewing habit affects our health. Chewing is the moment in life that we appreciate all the good food given to us. For those reasons, we offer our Buy Once Smile Forever™ on a 36 months cycle. As long as you are making your affordable monthly payments, we guarantee you new teeth every 3 years.

Do you need to get some teeth pulled right now?

Your “Yes” answer to this question confirms that you are at the right place, and our Buy Once Smile Forever layaway is your best option. Getting those teeth pulled costs a lot of money specially during this COVID-19 lockdown where money is harder.

Our recommendation is as follow:

  • to sign up right now for buy Once Smile Forever upper and lower jaws $110/month and lock your price for 3 years.
  • Find a local dentist to get your teeth that needed to get pulled. You might probably need some cleaning, and fillings: get your mouth clean while making your monthly payments. It will take several months. After the extractions, you will need to wait for your gum to heal and passes the 3-month period after the extractions that you gum goes to the 1st heavy bone loss process. And after that, you will be close to your last layaway payment and excited to get started with your new life. Getting your new smile with your 2 new Dental Wig replacing ALL your missing teeth on your upper and your lower jaws will totally transform your life. We guarantee you that you will eat, sleep and confidently kiss with your Dental Wig.

  So, basically, when you say that you have been living with your lost teeth for about 6 years, it tells us that there is no bone at all AND that eventually, the bone grafting won’t be possible anymore. That is the reasons why we asked you some questions to better understand how to help you the most.

6 Years of living with missing teeth are already 2 Buy Once Smile Forever cycles. Can you imagine! Well, better late than never, right? Don’t postpone anymore, click on the following link and start your Buy Once Smile Forever layaway:

and join the Club of our satisfied customers like Isis: 


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