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Dental Implants' Complications With English French & Spanish Subtitles

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Hi, I'm Lydie Livolsi, Founder of My Dental wig, a Los Angeles based company that makes custom Dental Wig. The Dental Wig is an elegant painless, eco-friendly, affordable, and long-lasting dental implant alternative that snaps into the empty space and replaces your missing teeth. And you get all this from the comfort of your home, without having to go to the dentist, we come to you. What the Dental Wig looks like. Let me show you. I'm wearing a Dentalwig on my upper jaw and a Dentalwig on my lower jaw.


Here is the Dental Wig. One tooth; here is the hole. So, we try to make a Dental Wig that matches the colour of your gum. And you can see here, there is no metal hooks, nothing, no hooks that hooks on the other teeth and damage them. Here is just these kind of acrylic, you know, wings here that hold the entire tooth. And it snaps in, it doesn't move. You take it like this. It snaps in, so it stays in. I sleep with it. I eat bread, meat, cashew, and apples, everything I eat with my dentalwig. The only moment that I take my dentalwig out of my mouth. is when I'm brushing my mouth, So, I'll brush my teeth like I do usually. And then rinse them normally take out my dentalwig, brush it with my normal toothbrush. I don't need an extra toothbrush. No, I use my normal toothbrush. Brush It, rinse it, snap it in and go. It's simple at it is.

And here we made the system even better. The way it works is  that, you go on the website, and select your dentalwig either upper jaw or lower jaw or both.

We price 1 jaw, 1 price™. And when you order two jaws at the same time, you have a little discount, right?

So, you get that done, and right away on the website, you book your first appointment. We get all your information. And then, our trained and background checked Dental Wig Technologist will contact you, come to your house, get the impressions, come back to the lab. Do everything go back to your house. It's usually about five to six appointments, depends on the case because each case is different, and come back for delivery and make adjustments, which means if after getting your dentalwig you need an adjustment, our dental wig technologist will come to you and adjust it and all this at no extra charge, the same price you pay one time and you get your dentalwig.


And it's very simple. So, our App is coming up. The new version of our App is coming up. It's going to be available on Google play and obviously Apple, Apple store. You get it.

 Actually, I am going to talk about why the dentalwig is better, even best than dental implant? It's very simple.

 Well, the dental implant, comes with the cost. It's very expensive and there are a lot of complications.


  • Dental Implant Cost


 And let talk about the cost. One dental implant like this. This is the lower jaw: dental implant on a full lower jaw like this with four implants costs about 20 to 45, $50,000. This is just one jaw. And with us, it costs $2,000 period. For one jaw. And we come to you.

  • Complications With Dental Implants


 And complications with implants. Here, you have four implants, one, two, three, four, as you can see here, and you have the four part here, it seems to be, Oh yes, that's the best deal.


But the truth is that if you look closely between those implants, you have a gum empty gum here. There's no implant. There is no bone graft. There's nothing here. What happens is that the gum between the four implants will shrink. That the first problem, when the gun shrinks and you have the denture like this on the top here, it cannot sit down properly because of the implants, and what happens:  Food gets into it. It's painful when you have those pieces of chunk of food like this, and you press, and you feel that, you know, on your gum, it's very painful. And it also happens with the upper jaw. It's even worst. You see people when you have like a tomato seed going here inside in your palate, because of here, the gum recession between the implants, it's horrible, it’s horrible.


The screw without ankle driven into the gum causes great pain


And the second complication with the implant, then the implant is that, as you can see here, you know, inside, you have implant in the gum. So normally the natural tooth has the crown on top, which is white and the roots. And do you know why? When we chew our teeth, don't dig into our jaw. It's not a miracle. It's not magic. It's just that Mother Nature really built up everything. So basically, around the roots of a natural tooth, there is a ligament, which is surrounding the root, there a periodontal ligament that holds the tooth in place and it's absorbs pressure during the chewing. I mean, that's why when we chew our teeth, don't go down into the bone. No, because of this periodontal ligament. Now, when the tooth is pulled out, when the tooth is extracted, there's no periodontal ligament, anyway, it's like on a screw: the screw has the screw and the anchor.


So that periodontal ligament, serves as an anchor to the root and it holds.  And try to put a screw on the wall without anchor, the screw will go away very fast. You know, it will shake like this!  The anchor is there to hold the screw into the wall. It's the same process with the periodontal ligament, which is here and hold it. And when it's gone, it's gone.

So the dental industry will try to create implants. And what happens is that when people chew with implants, little by little, the implant will go down and hurt at the bottom, and it hell of pain. And sometimes it can, even if that implant touches a nerve it will damage the nerve.  It's permanent. The damage of the nerve is permanent! 

On the upper jaw, it can go like, uh, it can create the perforation of the sinus.


These are all problems that come with implant. And now the implant manufacturers, they came up with so-called mini implant. Okay. It's small, it doesn't go down because it's shorter. And the bottom of the implant is not too big. So it doesn't rush the bottom of the bone. Yeah, but the truth is that, even though it's a small implant, it just postpones the time, you know, lower the process of hurting your jaw because there is no periodontal ligament anymore. There is no anchor on the dental implants to hold, the implant, that causes a lot of pain.


  • Cracks and Breaks Of Dentures

So I'm now the other problem beside the is financial is when you look at a denture like this: inside here, so you have those implants, you know, the female part of the implant. And what it does is that it is here inside, it reduces the thickness of the acrylic resin here it's reduces. It makes it very thin and very weak.  So when you put it like this, and your chewing, you have the pressure on a metal stuff with plastic around (acrylic), and the soft gum. What happens? It's like pressuring on something very hard into something which is less hard. What's happens? It will crack. So with dental implants like this, I have seen many seniors and its gives me a lot of pain because they come to me, they’re crying.  It's all it's cracked. And they said, and when it's cracked it doesn’t snap in, it's painful because when they try to eat with, they can feel that, in their mouth it is moving.

And I'll say to them: but we can't do anything. You have to go back to the dentist and order a new one. They will reply: “yeah. I went there and the dentist that I have to pay for a new denture”.

-That's exactly what it is. Because it's very complicated to do something like this, to make sure that it fits.

And she said: “I’m still paying my loan that I got to pay for, and I have to pay another eight, $10,000 just for the denture to go here”

- Yes. Unfortunately, it's what it is. It's really heart breaking. And sometimes there we go back to the dentist and say: “okay, I want you to take it out, to remove the implant so I can get a normal denture, because at the end of the day, I paid that money expecting to have something that I won't be able to take it out, but still, I have to take it out”.

You see, because at the end, you have to take it out like any removable dentures to clean it. And the other problem now also with the implant is that you see the head of the implant.


  • The wear of the press-button of the implant means there is no “clipping” anymore


You see inside, you have a little hole. What happens is after few months, like 18 months, it does not ”click” (snap-in) anymore. And then, when you put it like this, it just goes and stay on the top. And that's it. Because of the wear, you know, inside: another problem.

So roughly a denture, a full denture, like this with four implants, before seeing those cracks, is like 18 months, maximum 24 months, you start to see the cracks. That is for sure. But it's not that, the dentist did a bad job. No, it's really about the product itself. I mean, you have this, and you think about chewing. And they said, “oh, you have to chew, to eat like a baby”.  COME ON! Get your DentalWig. We make it custom. Of course, with the small gum, like this, it's very difficult to hold, but when it is well made, so that the bite is really, it is perfect: usually when you close your mouth, it's made it tight. And our dentalwig, our customers, they sleep with; even full denture on upper, they sleep with. Because we made it so that they can sleep with without any problem. It's even one of our requirements. So, and cracks on a full denture is even worse because when it cracks, it's usually it here. You can see here; you can feel it. It's like a bump. Who really wants a bump here? Nobody wants a bump behind your teeth, right? Especially because your tongue comes and stays when you are sleeping like here. And you will have this bothering you, your tongue, you know, it really weakens the entire dentures by itself. So dental implant is not the best solution because it comes with complications. It comes with pain. It comes with very expensive. It's very weak. It's cracked earlier. And it's really problem with pain and financial disaster. So today 2020, thinking that dental implant is the new technology, there’re lying, it's not.  Believe me.  The denture, when it's well done, the way we do it, our customers are happy. The love they denture. If you look closely, if you ask any person out there wearing a denture made, not by us, they hate it: “Oh I hate my dentures”. But with the Dental Wig? They love their Dental Wig.

 Go to our website, on the testimonial page. These are people, real Americans like you and me wearing their dentalwig talking about it. We do not pay them to talk about it. No.

It's really, they are telling just the truth that having a great, denture, of course, having lost teeth, is a little bit bad, but that's life. That is what it is. You know, we must really embrace and be grateful that we have people like myself who makes these types of teeth.



I can make crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontics, or type of dental devices. But I decided to go with these teeth, removable denture removable, because this is the best alternative to replacing missing teeth. Implant is just about blah, blah, blah. It doesn't solve problems. It just comes with many, many more problems.

Go to one full denture, like this is $2,000 in 2020, including coming to you. So it's at no extra charge for the two upper and lower its $4,000. And if you cannot afford paying up front, we have a wonderful Buy Once Smile Forever™ layaway, where you can make your little monthly payment, and it's for one jaw, its $60 for two jaws, there's a little discount. It's $110, something like that per month. And when you pay off the balance, our trained and background checked technologist, will come to you, get everything done. And make your dentures 100% in the United States. This is a product when we make it: the Dentalwig’s hundred percent made in USA. I'm proud to be part of these Americans manufacturers.




Yes. In fact, we have created a technology platform where everybody missing, at least one tooth can go on website from the computer or from the cell phone like this and select the product. Look at my dentalwig, upper jaw, my dentalwig lower jaw, my Dental Wig upper and lower jaw, select the product, put it into the cart, and make the payment. And right after that: click, select your date where you are available and book your first appointment. Like, everything is happening here on your cell phone. And after that, when you booked your appointment, a few minutes later, you'll receive a phone call from our trained and background check technologist, follow up with you, confirm your address and will come to you to get the impressions. And while the dental technologist is on his or her way, you can see, have notifications on your cell phone that the dental wig technologist is on his/her way, or the dental wig technology is almost there,  at your door. And, after when it's done, the dental wig technologist is leaving your house, we get notification to the company (Headquarter) that the dental wig technologist is no longer in your house (like with Uber). This is really about safety, protection. They are background checked, right? But in the meantime, we record all these movements to protect the privacy, to protect those seniors.

Now, the dental wig technologist will never come and sell you something else. Because it's really coming from based on your order that you made from your computer or from your cell phone. It's very simple.

 And the Buy Once Smile Forever™ is really wonderful. It's a layaway, where you make a payment every month. And when you pay off the balance, a dental wig technologist will come to you and take care of everything.  Our layaway Buy Once Smile Forever™ works like any layaway. You have the option to pay off the balance at any time. And all these, always you can do all these on your cell phone or directly on your computer.

 It's really using the new technologies to do everything and make people's lives very easy, providing really a great customer experience.


Thank you so much for watching Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO of at My Dental Wig

 and go to for more.

Thank you.



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