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Do You Know What The USA E-2 Visa & The USA EB-5 Visa Have In Common?

The United States grants people with different types of visa: 

1- Visa associated with financial investment

2- Visa non associated with financial investment.

The visa associated with financial investment is also known as job creation visa. The 2 popular USA visa associated with financial investment are the E2 visa and the EB5 Visa.

These 2-investment visa have 3 things in common:

1- They are both USA visa that required investing money

2- They allow investors, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 to come and live in the US

3- They enable foreign investor to legally start and run a company in the US, preventing them from legal issues.

4- They enable foreign investor becoming, new US resident to start your new life in the US with a LAWYER (in my opinion, this is one of the big+). In fact, even being multi-millionaire in your country, sometimes you do not have a Lawyer. You have been doing business as a local person. The United States is a country rules by laws and regulations. The great benefit of having a US Lawyer when establishing your new life in the US is that, it allows you to do everything step of your growth, legally.

You come to America from another country with different culture, different laws, and regulations. You will find out that, in America, you can do something that TOTALLY makes sense, but is illegal. One example is the "Systemic Racism" that just brought in the light with the horrible public assassination of the Black American called George Floyld which has been witnessed live all over the world, by multi billion people, through social media. 

I moved to the US in 2008 as a French Investor. I am talking from my own experience of a foreign investor, being granted with the US Visa to come here, and run my own business. Today in 2020, this eye opening over the Systemic racism just connected the dots. I was not understanding what was going on, until recently. Now, I get it!

Basically, people wait until they are in trouble before they hire a Lawyer. It's okay. The truth is that, it always costs more, than having a Lawyer checking over "every" important think that your enterprise to make sure it is legal.

5- Having a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is mandatory to obtaining E2 or EB5 visa. A US CPA will help you manage your taxes based on US taxes' rules, making you and your company complaint with the IRS.

 In conclusion, coming to America as with an E2 Investor Visa or an EB5 Investor Visa allows you to come to the US from the big gate. Form their requirements, they allow you to have direct access to some very important legal information that average American does not even know that it exists. It is really a privilege. Take advantage of it as much as you can.



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