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EB5 83 Days Left. "Lydie How Are You going To Fulfill The 10 Full Time Jobs Required By The USCIS?

Hello everybody!

This is Lydie Livolsi broadcasting direct from Los Angeles, California. Today is Thursday August 29, 2019. Only 83 days left before November 21, 2019 where, the amount required by the USCIS to apply to get your U.S green car through the Standalone EB5 visa Investment will go up to $1,800,000 dollars USD, which represents an increase of $800,000 dollars USD! So, I am always here every day, to really help you by explaining why you must take action right now!

Why you have to apply as soon as possible? Because it’s really about saving almost $1,000,000 dollars USD. The last interesting questions from you guys was “Lydie, how are you going to create the 10 full time jobs required by the USCIS?”  The answer is very simple: I have built my business s as a system, as a franchise.  I did it.  You might know that the dental industry is a very fragmented industry.  Which means that, there is no one business within the dental industry, that really leads everything excepted My Dental Wig.

What does fragmented industry mean? It means that each business within that industry operates its own way. However, with My Dental Wig, things work differently. My Dental Wig is becoming the first largest franchise in the dental industry, where we are able to control the entire chain, from the factory to the consumer. This is huge.

The way we are going to fulfill the 10 full time jobs required by the USCIS, is by using our franchise business model. Right now, the cost for one franchise is just $100,000 dollars USD, which it not a lot of money, when you think that that amount includes, the Licensee’s (8 to 12 weeks of training, the equipment to make the Dental Wig teeth and the first month of marketing and advertising) .  Indeed, that amount is a discount price compare to any small franchise out there starts at $200, $300,000 dollars USD not including a high rent for prime location etc. $100,000 dollars USD is a launching price, because by November 21, 2019, the price will go up to $180,000 dollars USD. This is why, you must really take advantage of these amazing discounts (the USCIS discount and My Dental Wig discount). The two ways in which we are going to create the 10 full time jobs are following:

  • Your Standalone EB5 visa investment of $1,000,000 dollars USD as a loan to us. Let’s say 3 to 5 % interest rate for 3 to 5 years. The money will be used to create different occupations within the company.
  • The turnkey licensing (“franchise”). So, with your $1 million dollars USD, you Standalone EB5 Investor, become the My Dental Wig Licensee will buy 5 Licensing Agreement which cost $500,000 dollars USD. The other half million dollars USD will be used to hire 2 full time employees per location, for a total of 10 and pay their salaries etc. That will be 10 full time jobs. Buying 5 licensing meaning that you own those 5 licensing. Yes! You are the Licensee. The employees will be working already for your dental business in USA. Each licensee is per zip code with up to 100,000 people.

If, you have extra money on the side, instead of using the second half million dollars USD for wages, you could it to buy 5 more licensing agreement. Therefore, you will own 10 licensing, and the extra money that you have on the side, will be used to pay the 10 full time salaries.

Achieving the above, our next milestone is the acquisition of the norm ISO 9001 (Quality Control: QC). This will allow us to skyrocket leaving our “competitors” in their fragmented businesses. It’s almost impossible to create and manage the QC within a fragmented industry. My master’s in dental manufacturing capstone topic in France was “The Regulation, Normalization & Standardization in dental industry. I did a lot of researches. I traveled in different countries in Europe, contacted Canada and USA for searching, looking for how/what/when/why a QC? Searching for my capstone allowed me to dig deep with the laws and regulations within the dental field. QC is very important and very exciting process. When you think about being ISO 9001 Certified! Waoh! It’s like Fedex. Many big companies have it. We are going to have it as well. No Doubt. Right? ISO 9001 Certified means that we have a great business culture in place.

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