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EB5 84 Days Left To Save $800,000. Can A Wife Apply Or It's Only Husband


Hello welcome to Lydie Livolsi broadcasting directly from Los Angeles California. Happy Wednesday.

Today is Wednesday August 28th, 2019, and only 84 days left to save over $800,000 dollars USD! 84 days left to keep over $800,000 dollars USD in your bank account! Can you imagine? Let's me explain what it is about. Once again thank you so much for watching my videos on You Tube. I'm Lydie Livolsi Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Expert. I'm here to share with you like I do every day, little tis about how this Standalone EB5 Investor works. 

Today, we are going to answer specific question related to gender. I want to thank this wife who asked this question which is " Lydie, can a wife apply for Standalone EB5 Visa Investment, or it has to be only the husband?". 

Come on girl, of course, we can apply. Absolutely yes. It's not only husband/man thing. The wife or any woman can apply for. The wife should include her husband and all their children under 21 years.  For example, myself, I applied in France as a French investor. Not my husband. Even though back then, my husband was very supportive. But it was my idea, my thing, my dream.  So, there is no problem. A woman, a wife can apply as the main applicant and your husband/spouse and your children will be your dependents. There is no problem. My case was a little bit different because I had a prenup, which made things easier. We just needed to follow the guidelines of our prenuptial agreement. However, even without a prenup, there is no problem for a wife to apply for the Standalone Eb5 Visa investment. What is going to happen is that, when the applicant is the wife, the Lawyer will send you an affidavit to be signed by your husband, stating that in any case, he will prevent , even try to prevent you, by any mean to run your company here in USA.  So, it's really about protection, security. At the end of the day, we women we are wife, mother, entrepreneur, and we still have to deal with family. We are the person responsible to create that bonding within the family. It's not about getting in trouble, or any conflict with your husband. No. You both spouses must decide who is the applicant. Just tell him "Honey, or Cheri, I am the applicant". The applicant is the person who will be signing all documents. When you will move here with your husband and your children, you will be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), meaning the person running the company and signing all papers related to the business. Keep in mind that, when you invest $1 million dollars USD, you won't come here and go apply for job anywhere. $1 million dollars USD investment provides you with a huge leveraging power. It's really an easy way to start your new life here in USA. It really allows you to come to America from the top, or like they say in France, a "Triumphal Entry (referring to the "Arc de Triomphe in Paris). You will be running the company. Normally, your spouse will be granted a work permit. 

So, if you have ready, that $1 million dollars USD required, don't wait. Start your EB5 now. The sooner you start, the better it will be. It's going to be a win/win/win/win/win/win. Win for yourself, your spouse, your children, the USCIS with the 10 full time jobs created, for me (with my team) and my business. So many winners here. If you continue to wait, by November 21, 2019, that amount of $1 million dollars USD required by the USCIS, will jump to $1,800,000 dollars USD. Can you imagine? This is an increase of almost $1 million dollars USD. This is why I am here really to explain to you why you must invest right now. 

Another woman shared the following with me "Lydie, with my husband, we have the $1 million dollars USD ready. But our big problem right now is that, my husband wants us to immigrate to Canada, because it's better. What do you think?". Come on!  Look, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microfoft, Tesla, AirbnB, Apple, Twitter etc. These companies are not in Canada. I have nothing against Canada. Listen to your intuition. We women have a powerful intuition. Something coming from the deep inside telling us that the best choice is USA. If you have that money available, act now. Don't wait. Do not hesitate. You can WhatsApp me +1 562 279 5770. I will not give you any advice. I am not a marriage counselor, nor a therapist. I don't fix problems with couples. But I will share with you my personal experience. I always say that men achieve when they are under pressure, while we women achieve under excitement. If at any time you think about investing for this EB5 visa and you feel excited, go for it. Don't wait. This is where is your joy. Which means that you will always enjoy it from the beginning till the end. Right? 

If there is any question, send me a WhatsApp message. Thank you, guys, for all your questions. You can watch all my videos on My Dental Wig You Tube Channel, or on Blog page, by following me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and subscribe to My Dental Wig You Tube channel to receive updates. Also follow My Dental Wig on all social media platforms as well. This is an amazing journey. 

Thank you so much for reading Lydie Livolsi, broadcasting direct from Los Angeles, California. Only 84 days left to keep $800,000 dollars USD in your bank account. 

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Thank you so much. I will be here again with you tomorrow sharing another important tip.

Bye now


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