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EB5: 85 Days Left 2 Save $800k. What's The Best Time To APPLY


Hello! Hi everybody! Happy Tuesday!



Today is Tuesday August 27th, 2019. Only 85 days left before November 21st, 2019. This is Lydie Livolsi broadcasting from Los Angeles, California. I'm here very excited like every day to share with you all little tips about how to really get a successful EB5 visa investment application.



Today, before I start my video, one more time, I want to thank you guys out there with your questions, all your feedback, everything you send, we welcome all your comments.  Please, help us help other people to get here in United States. This EB5 visa investment is a great opportunity given to everybody, every foreign investor to come here in America with the spouse,  the children under 21 years, and get the U.S green card in exchange of your investment of $1 million dollars USD into my company, and I will help you create the 10 full time jobs in USA required by the U.S government. The question that we are going to talk about today is timing. People ask me "Lydie, be honest, what do you think is the best time to start the EB5 process?" The answer is simple: as soon as possible. Right now. If you have the $1 million dollars USD required by the USCIS, start the process right now. What are you waiting for? The earlier your application is filed, the better it is. Keep in mind that with the EB5 Lawyer, to prepare and get all your documents ready to file, it takes about to to 3 weeks. Yeah, you will think that you still have time. Some prospects told me, you know, I still have the time. That's true. However, time goes too fast. You are not alone. The point is that at the end, if it's jam, the Lawyer is too busy, you might be late. After November 20th, 2019, it's no longer $1 million dollars USD. It becomes $1,800,000 dollars USD.


Honestly, saving $800,000 dollars USD is worth to start as soon as possible. To start it today. If you have the $1 million dollars required, don't wait. I know, you are busy, you have a busy schedule, you are an Entrepreneur. Right! But here, it’s about you saving $800,000 dollars USD. It's about your life changing with your family. Coming to America is a long process. It takes time. You must invest that little time on your EB5 Visa process today. After you pass your funds vetting process, after you proved to the Lawyer where your money is coming from, that it's clean money, and all your documents translated in English, from our side, it will go fat. Usually, it's the investor who slows down the process. With missing documents, incomplete information etc. So, try to be organized and work fast. Start your process of your EB5 visa investment today, is you have your clean $1 million dollars USD available. Don't wait. Start today. 

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