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EB5: When Am I going To Get Back My Money?


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This is again Lydie Livolsi broadcasting directly from Los Angeles California. Today is Monday, August 26th, 2019, so Happy Monday! I'm very happy, am very excited to be here with you again today, sharing all those little tips to help you better understand what exactly is the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment opportunity. Before I start my video, I want to thank all of you guys for watching the videos on My Dental Wig You Tube Channel, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, well on all social media platforms, including on website. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. We love that. Continue to send your questions, on WhatsApp, ask all questions, be curious, because you are going to invest $1 million dollars USD of your money. So, it's very important to know why are you investing? Who is behind the company? Who is Lydie? Do not hesitate to ask your questions, to visit read a little bit all those articles, out there about me. I am who I am here. So, thank you so much.

Let me jump right away on the next question that I am going to provide you today with answer. The question that came back yesterday is " Lydie how and when am I going to get back my money?" It's very interesting and very important when you are going to invest especially $1 million dollars USD, you want to make sure how your money is going to be spent, what is the exit strategy? So today, we are going to talk about the exit strategy. 

The exit strategy of an EB5 Visa Investment is a little bit different from usual investment, because, the EB5 by itself is a little bit different from other types of investments. Basically, the purpose of an EB5 Visa Investment is the U.S green card for you the investor, your spouse and all your children under 21 years. Also, to learn and comprehend the U.S system. Because, look around, all those successful businesses, Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Airb & B, you name them, all these amazing companies are here in America. And all of them are in California. I did not name Bill Gates, Microsoft. But all of others are here in California. To me, this means that this country offers a tremendous capacity to enable people to achieve big things. Big success. That excites me. It's fascinating. And I love that! So, the EB5 Visa Investment of $1 million dollars USD, works basically like a loan. It's a kind of joint venture loan, with an interest rate between 3 to 5 %. Some people say "well, I know places where I will invest that amount of money and get high return on my investment". Of course. However, you, your spouse and your children under 21 years won't get the U.S green card.  That's the point. The biggest benefit of the EB5 Visa Investment is the U.S green card for yourself, your spouse and all your children under 21 years. The US green card is part of the ROI. That's why it's important to understand the purpose of this EB5 Visa Investment. In the meantime, when I say that it's a loan with an interest rate between 3 and 5 %, we cannot put the interest high. Why? Because we a very important goal to achieve which is the fulfillment of 10 full time jobs here in America. It's crucial. That's why, with the money, we cannot set it to pay high interest rate. As you know, when you have a loan, the first years, you are paying almost only interest. The main loan amount is almost the initial. Here, it's a little bit different. Let say for example, we take the scenario of $1 million dollars USD as a loan at 3% interest rate. Depending upon your country of citizenship, the EB5 visa investment process lasts about 18 to 24 months. At the end of each year, you will cash $30,000. This is how, we make sure the money is being used to run the company. 

The second option is kind of equity. Meaning that you invest the money in exchange of some equity stake of my company. meaning you say for example "Lydie, am going to invest $x dollars amount in my company in exchange of z equity stake. We can negotiate. It's totally negotiable.  Everything is about discussion, talk, conversation, communication.

Personally, and from experience as well, the best option is the low interest loan. Because it gives you at least 2 years, to learn to know the US system, the language etc.  You must take these English as Second Language (ESL) classes. Learning the American culture etc. I took accent reduction, conversation, business and communication, Leadership, public speaking classes etc for better integration within the American society. 

 At the end of the process, when you get your green card, then you can say "Okay, I need my money back", and you decide to go solo. That's possible as well. 

The 3rd possibility is a mix of loan and equity. You say "okay Lydie, I don't want to take back all my money. I want to have x% and leave z% in equity, because I want to invest in your business. You want to be part of. 

So, everything still possible. It's only about communication. Whatever you think is the best option, just get in touch with me, and we will have a talk. 

So, thank you so much for your time. Continue to follow me on twitter @lydielivo, on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. It's not just to promote myself. It's about keeping informed about all updates, what is going one at the head Quarter, all these things. Also, join our mailing list at . Add” eb5" after your name, so we know that your interest here is the EB5. That will allow us to send you appropriate information. Before all that, please act right now before it's too late. Today is August 26th, 2019, only 86 days left before November 21, 2019, where this amount of $1 million dollars USD will jump to $1,800,000 USD. One more time, this amount is not negotiable. We will help you save over $800,000 cash. It's not blabla. Not am not kidding. 

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This is Lydie Livolsi broadcasting directly from Los Angeles California, thank you so much. I will see you tomorrow. 


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