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Does Buying A House Qualify Me For EB-5 Visa?


Hello everybody!

This is Lydie Livolsi, broadcasting direct from Los Angeles, California. Today is August 25th, 2019, and I'm very happy to be here with you guys sharing new tips about the Standalone EB5 Visa Investors. So, thank you so much for all of you who watched videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, thank you so much.  Also, big thanks to all of you guys who sent your questions through WhatsApp. WhatsApp is really a fantastic tool, because it allows us to interact very fast and easily. 

So, today, August 25th, 2019, we are 87 days away from November 21st 2019, when the amount required by the USCIS, the USA government, to come to America as an EB5 Visa Investor, will jump from $1 million dollars USD to $1.8 million dollars USD. So, really hurry up! Act right now because time is ticking. 

So, what is EB5 Visa Investment? It's a program created by the U.S government, that allows foreign investors with their spouse and their children under 21 years, to come to America, and live the American Dreams. The Eb5 Visa Investors must invest $1 million dollars USD in a company in United States, in exchange of the U.S green card. Isn't wonderful? It's fantastic!

Today, we are going to talk about one of the important questions from yesterday, that was: "If I buy a house in United States, does that qualify me for EB5 Visa Investor?"  The answer right away is NO. Let me explain to you why? The way the Standalone EB5 Visa Investor works is that the United States will grant you, your spouse and your children under 21 years, with the U.S green card, for 2 reasons: (i) You invest the $1 million dollars USD in my company for example, and (ii) That money must create 10 full time jobs in America. When you buy a house, even a $1 million dollars home, you won't get the green card, because you did not create the 10 full time jobs in U.S. If you invest ten million dollars USD in Wall Street for stocks, that will not qualify you for the EB5 Visa Investment at all. So, it's really crucial to understand that the money must go into a company here in United States, that will fulfill 10 full time jobs in America. Some people told me "Oh my God, I don't understand, there is a real estate agent who me, yeah, if I buy a house, I will get the green card, or get the visa to come to America". No, it doesn't work that way. If not, it would've been very easy.  Do you think that the U.S government is going to create this Eb5 visa investment program, then in the other side grant people who just bought a house in the U.S with the green card? No. This program was created since the 90s. So, it's very important to make sure that your investment money, creates 10 full time jobs. 



 My Dental Wig company and myself Lydie Livolsi, #1 Standalone EB5 Visa Investment in America. #1. There is nobody out there who will achieve this in the greatest way like us. Why?  Because (i) We have a great business model. I have been working to create the Licensing program which today is being sold for $100,000 dollars USD. Very soon, by November 21st, 2019, that Licensing cost is going to jump to $180,000 dollars USD. It still worth its price. (2i) With My Dental Wig Licensing, we are going to fulfill the 10 full time jobs required by the USCIS without any difficulty. (3i) Our EB5 Visa Investment Lawyer Chrystal Green, her office is in San Francisco. She teaches Law at Law School. She is one of the top specialists of the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Lawyer in California. Please, visit her profile on LinkedIn and on the California Bar listing. Read her articles about the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment. Standalone EB5 Visa Investment means 1 investor for 1 project. It's not the EB5 Regional Center model where many investors come together and invest for 1 project. 



By the way, you can invest more than $1 million dollars USD in my company. I will be really excited to provide you with a business plan model that will obviously fulfill the 10 full time jobs, where we can combine with real estate for example. You can say for example "Lydie, I want to acquire some real estate in U.S with your Standalone EB5 Visa Investment offer; I have $5 million dollars USD to invest". I will find an affordable land, that we will build My Dental Wig factory for example. That will allow us to still create the 10 full time jobs (even more) while owning the land and the building. There are so many opportunities here. My Dental Wig business model matches/fits so well the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment! Imagine yourself owning a dental business in United States without a dental degree! I made it possible forever! This is why Dr. Kirsten Roling DDS (Dentist) graduated from the University of San Francisco wrote " My Dental Wig Is "The Next Major Disruptor to the Dental Industry. (Think Smile Direct Club)": 

Go to which is the website of my company, on the upper right corner, you will see "Google Language". Click on that button, you will see a list of different languages. Select your preferred language and read everything on that page about our EB5 Visa Investment offer. You are going to invest $1 million dollars USD of your money. At the bottom of that page, there is a contact form. Just fill out the contact form, ask your questions. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions as soon as possible. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn to stay up to date about what/how I am doing. Also follow My Dental Wig on all social media platforms. Subscribe to My Dental Wig You Tube Channel and watch all my videos related to My Dental Wig to better understand who I am, and why you should trust me. The fastest way to reach out to me is Viber or WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp/Viber phone number is +1 562 279 5770. After you provide some relevant information to my Assistants, I will personally follow up with you. 



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Again, thank you so much for today watching this video. I am Lydie Livolsi #1 Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Host in USA. I will be back here tomorrow. Today, August 25th 2019, 87 days left before November 21st, 2019 for you to save over $800,000 dollars USD. Act right now before it's too late to keep almost $1 million dollars USD in your bank account; I am not kidding. I am here to help you save that money. Thank you so much for watching. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Bye now.

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