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#1 Standalone EB5 Visa Host is MyDentalWig: 88 Days Left To Keep $800,000 In Your Bank Account. As An EB5 Investor, Can I Get Paid A Salary? What Are You Going To Use My Money For?

August 24, 2019

Hello everyone,

Again, this is Lydie Livolsi from Los Angeles California, CEO and Founder of My Dental Wig. Thank you so much for watching my video. I'm here today on August 24th 2019, trying to give you important tips about how the EB5 Visa Investment works, and how you can really take advantage of this amazing U.S. program that allows you foreign investor, your spouse and your children under 21 years, to get the U.S. green card. 

Today, we are going to explain to you how I am going to use your money. People asked me "Lydie how are you going to use my money? What are you going to use my money for?" What are you going to do with my money? First of all, yes, it's your money. It's not my money. It's just that the U.S. government is giving me the right to use that money to build my company. Your money is going to be used to pay for supplies, rent, employees’ salaries, etc. I must be able to help you fulfill the 10 full time jobs in America. The money is going to be used to build the company.  One of the questions was " Am I going to get paid a salary?" Am I considered an employee of the company? Well, I will say that you have to keep in mind that the real purpose of this Standalone  EB5 Visa Investment is the U.S green card for yourself, your spouse and all your children under 21. Of course, it's an investment. By the way, we have the obligation from the U.S. government, to write on the business plan that because it's an investment, it's risky. So, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. We must use your money carefully. Therefore, the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment is the best one. Why? Because it provides full transparency on how your money is spent.  It shows this is your $1 million dollars USD, Wages $x, supplies $y etc. We have to provide a quarterly schedule of the company's hiring process with all positions. Which jobs are created? What are the positions? How much are the wages including the retirement? How many hours month each employee is working? The question of are you going to get a salary? The answer is NO. You won't get any salary. Why?  You can't invest $1 million USD into the company and take that money to pay you a salary. The EB5 process last for between 18 to 24 months, depending upon your country of citizenship. Believe me, you have a lot of things to do during that period. The first thing is" you have to learn English. Even when you are coming from an English country, the way Americans speak English is totally different from other countries. The American accent is unique. Personally, I took accent reduction classes, business communication classes, public speaking classes, leadership and management courses, etc. (I aced my classes by the way). I even took community classes, to understand how the United States deal with diversity. It's very important for specially a foreign employer, to understand your potential clients, their culture, their mindset, their behavior, what can you expect from people, etc. Coming from another country, you will find out that, this is a new culture that you must learn. You won't get any salary. We won't use your invested money to pay you a salary. This is why we recommend the following: beside the $1,000,000 USD plus the $50,000 for legal and administrative fees, you put aside extra about $100,000 for your living expense (rent, car, food, etc). You must have that money on the side to pay for all those bills. The company won't pay you a salary, because the money is to be used for jobs, the social security etc. Do not expect to get a salary. Keep in mind that because it's an investment, it's risky. You can lose your money. That's possible because it's an investment. This is why we really recommend you watch our videos on My Dental Wig You Rube channel.  Take the time to watch all of them, ask your questions, so you know what /why you are investing into. You are investing $1 million USD. We are doing what it takes to help you save over $800,000 USD. It's worth to watch all the videos. You can ask your questions on You Tube. You can also watch our videos on Facebook Live. Even this video will be posted on You Tube, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter. These are all social media platforms where we provide all free access to pertinent information, for you lean and be able to say, " I want to do business with Lydie" " I want to invest in Lydie's My Dental Wig company". Why? "Because My Dental Wig  company is worth it. "Because Lydie has the knowledge needed". 

I understand very well, why Standalone EB5 Visa investment is. I will tell you something. Here in America, here in USA, I am the #1 Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Host. There is nobody out there who can do better than me. Why? Because I am myself an immigrant, who came here as a French Investor. I came here with children under 21. So, I understand all these steps. When I talked about having these Lawyers, CPA etc., it's hard to find good Lawyer. It hard to build a team. It's hard to find people who believe in you; people who want to continue this journey with you. I'm proud to say "Yes, I have the best EB5 Visa Investment team who will really help you, foreign investor, getting your EB5 Visa Investment approved. Please, go ahead, send us a text message on WhatsApp or Viber: +1 562 279 5770 Why WhatsApp? Why Viber? Because they are the best for international calls. I am an immigrant. So, I know what we use to talk with people oversea. It works very well. 

Send me a text message. Go on Instagram, follow Lydie Livolsi on twitter, Instagram, Facebook.  Go on LinkedIn, send me an invite, I will accept right away. Watch all those explainer videos on My Dental Wig You Tube channel where I explain and share all these tips. I will be her everyday sharing some insights with you until at least November 21, 2019. Please take action, act right now, don't wait. Because the process takes a little bit time.  Between talking with our EB5 Lawyer, getting and pass your funds vetting process, and get all your translated documents ready, it's about 6 to 7 weeks. The EB5 Lawyer preparation of your filing documents will take another 3 weeks which jumps already to 10 weeks before your I-526 application is filed with the USCIS. Take action right now. Don't wait because the more you wait, it will be too late to save $800,000. After November 20, 2019, it will cost you $1,800,000 USD. That is it. It's non-negotiable amount. It's what it is. Act now: +562-279-5770

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Thank you so much, until then, I will see you tomorrow.

Bye! Love you all!



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