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EB5: 90 Days Left To Save. Can I borrow Money To Fund My EB5 Visa Investment Application?


This is Lydie from Los Angeles California, today is August 22, 2019, and the counter is down to 90 days before November 21, 2019.  Hi everybody, I'm Lydie Livolsi from Los Angeles California. I'm here today to share with you, all the benefits of the EB5 Visa investment. Specifically, today, the question that we are going to talk about is the money, is the source of funding. Some people asked: "Lydie, can you talk about the money?  Explain clearly how we have to prove the source of our Standalone EB5 Visa Investment money.  

Basically, the amount required by the US government for the EB5 Visa Investment today August 22, 2019, for 1 investor, the amount is $1 million dollars USD. For that money, you have 2 sorts of where the money is coming from. The money can come from a loan, personal loan, not a business loan.   

Somebody asked me "I live here in the United States, can I lend the money to one of my family members, to be used to apply for their Standalone EB5 investment Visa? The answer is Yes. You can do that as long as it's a personal loan. You can lend that amount of money to somebody of your family, your friend, it doesn't matter. It must be clearly stated where the money is coming from. Make sure that money is not coming from drugs trafficking, prostitution, corruption, crimes, money laundering, all these monies not clean. Make sure that your money has nothing to do with that. Why? Because the USA government to find out where your money is coming from. Also, keep in mind that one of the documents that you have to provide is your last tax return. As you know, on your tax return, you have all your assets listed. So, they will check and verify, everything. Then, having a document that your friend, your sibling or whoever you borrow money from, there is no problem.  Keep in mind that with that amount of money, the USCIS will check. And you have to pass the funds vetting process before we even start anything. That is clear. When you are translating those documents, just make sure your money is clean. When it's a clean money, if your money is clean, get back to us with your contact outside the country, we will figure out how to create, write the application.  Keep in mind that the Standalone EB5 Visa Investment, is the most transparent visa investment ever. Why? Because, it's 1 investor for 1 project. So, it's very easy for the USCIS to look at all the papers and verify them. There is nothing hidden at all. Our Standalone EB5 Visa Investment Lawyer will do the confidential funds vetting process with you. 

If you have any question about the funding, do not hesitate to visit our website On the upper right top corner, you will see "Language." Click on that button and select your preferred language. Read everything on that page, even the other pages on our website.  At the bottom of that page, you have a contact form, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to enter your questions over there. The other option to contact us is by email or on the website, there is a chat box, you can ask your questions through the chat box as well. Also, follow me Lydie Livolsi on twitter @lydielivo, on Instagram. Follow My Dental Wig on all social media platforms as well and ask your questions. You can also send us a text message (only text) on WhatsApp or Viber. Depending upon your country, Viber works better than WhatsApp and vice versa. We have the same phone number for WhatsApp and Viber which is +1 562 279 5770. 

It's all for today, and I just want to thank all you guys who are asking for questions from Libya, Dubai, India, Norway, etc. Thank you so much. However, take action now. Because by November 21, 2019, this amount required by the USCIS of $1 million dollars USD, will be increased to $1,800,000 dollars USD. Today, you have 90 days left. Start your process as soon as possible. So that by Mid-September, your i-526 application on file with the USCIS which leads you to your path to coming to America with your spouse and all your children under 21. 

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It's all for today. Thank you so much. Again, I am Lydie Livolsi from Los Angeles California. I will be here again tomorrow, to share other tips with you.






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