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EB5: Can You Translate Our Documents In English In USA?


Hello, my friends, again Lydie Livolsi from Los Angeles California.

Thank you so much for watching my video. I'm here to share with you some questions, some insights about the EB5 Visa Investor.

Before I start my video,  again thank you so much all you guys out there who sent your questions, who visited our website, who sent text messages on WhatsApp and Viber requesting more information about this fantastic EB5 Visa Investor program that we offer. 

So, today is August 21, 2019; only 91 days left before the date line. Why date line? Date line because the amount requested by the U.S government to apply for this EB 5 Visa Investment today is $1 million dollars USD. But, starting November 21, 2019, that same amount of $1 million dollars USD, will go up, will increase to $1 million eight thousand dollars USD. So, I'm here to really help you save $800,000 USD. Eight, zer0, zero, zero, zero, zero: $800,000 dollars USD. The main question, I mean one of the questions that was asked yesterday was about the translation of the documents. The question was: Lydie Can you help us get our documents translated in USA? The answer right away is NO. Basically, you must translate your documents in your country. All your documents must be translated in proper English by a certified English translator. Your documents must have the stamps of an English translator or an affidavit that your translator is a certified English translator. One of the best places to find those certified English translators is the U.S. Embassy in your country. Just contact the U.S. Embassy in your country and ask if they have any list of certified English translators. If they say Yes, that's fine. If they say NO, basically, almost all English learning centers, have certified English translators. So, reach out to some of those English Learning Centers in your city, in your hometown, and ask if they are certified English translator. If they say Yes, that's fine. Because, you are going to provide that piece of document that shows that your documents were translated by a certified English translator. Among those documents, the main are:

1- Your birth certificate. When I say "your" it means "you" the main investor. 

2- Your spouse birth certificate.

3- Your marriage certificate. You must have a document that proves, you are legally married. 

4- Your children under 21 years old birth certificates.

5- Your last tax- return, because this is a document that the U.S. government will ask for.  

So, start having those 4 documents translated in English. Of course, there are going to be more documents to provide. However, our EB5 Lawyer will; let you know what the exact documents are required. Those extra documents to, must be translated in English. 

Yes today, that was the main question that I wanted to share with you. Go to your local English Learning Centers and ask to, ask sure the translator is certified .

Well, it's all for today. Please, one more time, there is one place where you can send us a message or an email is on our website , and click on the page EB5 Visa Investor. At the top right corner of that page on your screen, you will see "Language". Click on that button. There will be a list of languages. Select your preferred language and read everything in your language.  At the bottom of that same page, there is a contact form where you can enter your contact information and ask us any questions.  If not, one of the fastest ways to contact us is WhatsApp or Viber. All of you guys there, have a cellular phone. Just go on your WhatsApp and send us an invite. Our WhatsApp and Viber phone number (it's the same phone number) is +1 562 279-5770. Again, thank you so much for reading. Hurry up to apply and save $800,000 dollars USD.  I'm not kidding! It's $800,000 dollars USD you are saving by November 21, 2019. No matter what you will, do you will have to invest $1,800,000 dollars USD to get that EB5 Visa Investment. Do it today! Apply today. Start your process, so that, as soon as possible, your first document, the i-526 is on file with the USCIS. It has to be there, with the stamp of the USCIS determines the starting date of your EB5 Visa process, and you are on your pass to come to USA and live the American Dream with your family. Thank you so much for reading.

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Again, this is Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO of direct from Los Angeles, California.



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