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EB5: 92 Days Left Before November 21, 2019 To Save $800,000 From Your EB5 Visa Investment Application


Hi! Happy Tuesday!

This is Lydie Livolsi, again. Today is Tuesday August 20,2019, and, I’m speaking to you right now from Los Angeles California. I'm here to explain to you, why is it so important for you to take action regarding the EB5 Visa investment. One more time, before I start my video, again I want to thank all those people who texted, sent messages, by WhatsApp, sent emails requesting more information about the EB5 Visa Program. Thank you so much, because I am here to help you understand. I know that the United States is another system, and that sometimes, it can be a little bit complicated. .

One of the questions was "How are you going to create the 10 full time jobs. How are you going to help me as an EB5 investor to fulfill those 10 full times jobs required by the USCIS?. My response is simple. Basically, I have built my business based on those requirements from the USCIS. I know for fact that without the fulfillment of those 10 full time jobs in the United States, you as an Eb5 Visa Investor, won't get that green card at all. I set up the Licensing which cost $100,000 right now. It's a kind of entry price, a discount. A franchise out there right now, it's hard to find a franchise for $100,000 essentially within the dental field. Because it's a profitable industry. People make good money. I created the franchise system for My Dental Wig that will be able to generate the 10 full time jobs in USA. It's very simple and easy. You will see on the business plan.  

The other question was "Can you own a dental business in United States without having a dental degree?" The answer is Yes. Which is exactly what I have created.  In the dental field, you have the practitioners like the dentists, the dental hygienists, the dental assistants who depend upon the Board, the California Board or any State Board. On the other side, you have manufacturers like Myself, My Dental Wig, we depend upon the FDA. We have nothing to do with the State Board. The Federal is Federal. In order to be able to make the Dental Wig, as a Licensee, you must get the training how to make the Dental Wig. It's really what I have created. Do you want to see how a Dental Wig looks like? Let me show you. I have one on my lower jaw, and one on my upper jaw. Let me show you the one on my lower jaw first. I had one missing tooth here from a cracked tooth. I have no cavity. Instead of going into a bridge, or an implant; I will tell you the truth, I hate the zzzz drill in my mouth. I don't like it. That's how, I made My own Dental you can see how it looks like.  Here it is for one tooth. I have a hole here. I just snaps it in as you heard the "Clic”. I sleep with it. I eat everything including almonds, apple, peanuts, everything. You won't notice that I am wearing a Dental Wig.  On the top, let me show you how it looks like. Here it is. I take it out only when I am brushing my teeth. I will take it out, brush it, rinse it and snaps it in and go. I sleep with it; I smile with it. No metal, in my mouth. This is what I have created by myself. Because I want to help people get something like this to sole the missing teeth.

As you may know, it the United States, there is over 178 million adults missing at least one tooth. So, the market size is huge. Our mission is to fulfill, to serve those through our Licensing Program. This is how, we are going to help millions of people. 

So it all for today. Please, continue to ask your questions. Send us emails. If you have any question, go to and click on the page EB5 Visa Investment. Read everything. And by the way, on the upper right corner of your screen, you have the option to select your language. Select your preferred language. Read everything in your language.  Watch the videos. At the bottom of the page, there is a contact form. Fill out that contact form with your questions .and we will be more than happy to provide with answers. 

Do not hesitate to send us text message by WhatsApp or Viber. Yesterday we received a couples them. Our WhatApp and Viber phone number is + 562 279 5770. One more time +1 562 279 5770. .

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Thank you so much. Again, it's Lydie from Los Angeles. Today, only 92 days left before November 21, 2019 where you can save over $800,000. I'm talking about almost $1 million dollars USD. It's not $80,000. It's $800,000 USD that you will save, if you apply for EB5 Visa Investment before November 21, 2019. Thank you so much! Bye Now


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