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EB5 Testimony From India

Hi, my name is Anupam Ghandi, I am an Indian and I live in India

In 2018, my cousin and I attended an event here in India where one of the speakers came on stage talking about the USA EB5 Investor Visa and announced his offer for between $3 million and $5 million USD. This amount of money stopped our dream to move to the USA.

I recently found a US based company in Los Angeles which is offering a DIRECT Turnkey USA EB5 Investor Visa Concierge for $1,000,000 USD the exact price requested by the US government on their Youtube:

Almost 1/3 of the price the Speaker was offering 2 years ago!

This is a BIG saving, of $2 million USD! 

On top of that, I have research online other residency visa for other countries. Believe me, the EB5 is the cheapest one even though $1 million USD is required. Understand that this investment amount gives you full access over ALL US States, while other countries are like the equivalent of only one state...Also, you have access to over 320 millions Americans!Think about it!

There is no middleman between the EB5 investor and

them. They don’t charge for Consulting fees, AND, they guarantee to deliver the 10 US full time jobs required by the US government, which is the main condition to get the US green card

They take care of EVERYTHING

I've personally connected with Lydie the business owner and have done some businesses with her. She is very a very honest person. She likes the transparency of any transaction... She is totally reliable. She knows what she is doing. She is not trying to fool people. She really believe that the American Dream is alive as she is living her American Dream as well. I highly recommend using her Turnkey Standalone EB5 offer. 

The EB5 Visa is a great opportunity given to rich people to:

- Gain access to the US market, build & grow their wealth

-Get the US green card for themselves & their families

-Buy & sell properties in the US

-Provide their descendants the greatest opportunity to become maybe one day President of the United States etc.

If you are Interested in the USA EB5 Investor Visa, I highly recommend

WhatsApp: +1 562 279 5770

This is an unbelievable story.

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