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EB5 USA-VISA For The Rich: Why Trump Executive Order Doesn't Affect The USA EB5 Investor Visa?



Trump Executive Order Restrictions of L-1 Visa does not affect the EB5 Visa at all.

 The most common USA visa are the diversity lottery visa also known as "US Green Card" and the L1-Visa. Because America is a country for business and for freedom, opportunity is also given to rich people to access the US green card through the EB5 INVESTOR VISA Program. The Turnkey Standalone EB5 USA Visa's offer by My Dental Wig is not affected by Us President Donald Trump's Executive Order. Therefore, hurry up, if you are a HNWI or UHNWI looking to come to America with your family.

The 2 Most Important Conditions

 There are 2 most important conditions for USA the EB5 Investor Visa to get the USA green card:

  • Your money must be clean: you MUST pass the funds vetting process. Passing the funds vetting process means that your money and your tax returns show that your money is not connected with corruption, drugs trafficking, prostitution, crimes etc. The USCIS may request one or more years of your tax returns.


  • 2- You Must create at least 10 full time jobs in America (each eb5 investor). Our offer of EB5 is a turnkey, which means that we take care of everything from A to Z that includes: (i)- creation of your US based company (ii) filing of all your applications with the USCIS (iii) Hiring a US Manager to manage your US company. (4i) Creation of the 10 full time jobs in the US on your behalf.


EB5 Visa Amount Is Now Indexed with The Inflation


 The EB5 Investor Visa Program was created in 1990. The amount requested did not change until in November 2019.And, since then, the amount will be indexed with the inflation every year. Which means that, most likely, the amount will go up every year.


With the high cost of the #COVID19 to the world's economy, the price will probably go up in November. So, hurry up!


We Made The International Transfer Very Simple


We know that it is not always easy to send a very important money on the international. Because of crimes, drugs trafficking, scams, etc., we have our specific bank account for our EB5 investors with one of the biggest and most trusted banks in the world called Bank of America. They are aware of the fact that they will not release your funds to us until you pass the funds vetting process. This is how it works.

1- Copy the following bank information and present to your local bank:

(i)- Buyer is outside USA: Secured Foreign Currency Wire Transfer:

Name of the bank: Bank of America.     SWIFT Code: BOFAUS6S   

                                           Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie T Livolsi

(ii)- Buyer is in USA but the sponsored family is outside USA: Secured Domestic Wire Transfer: 

 Name of the bank: Bank of America:

                                           SWIFT Code: BOFAUS3N             

                                            Routing # 026009593

                                            Account number: 3251 1474 4416

                                            Name on the account: Lydie T Livolsi

2—After Bank of America receives your transfer. They will notice us.

  • Then, our EB5 Lawyer will contact you and get all legal information needed to vet you and your money.
  • If you pass, or fail, then Bank of America and you will be notified.
  • If you and your money are “clean”, Bank of America will release the funds, so we can jump- start your EB5 process.
  • If you fail, Bank of America will return the full amount of your money.



What Am I getting in exchange of my EB5 investment with MyDentalWig?


Because our EB5 offer is not related to real estate, it is the fastest and MOST transparent EB5 process ever. It works on the principle of 1 investor for 1 project. So, you don’t have to wait for validation of all other investors. It’s easy and transparent to show to the USCIS, all proof of how we are helping you running your US based company through your local Manager and show every time it’s requested, proof of hiring progress with clear bank account statements.

The EB5 real estate related is very complicated because, there are many investors, therefore, many bank accounts, and all investors do not progress at the same time, banks accounts are very confusing , so, it takes more time for the USCIS.

When you invest with us, in 2020, you get 4 US territories of up to 100,000 people each where you run your Dental Wig companies. In other words, you are free to select for example, 1 territory in New York, another territory in Chicago, the 3rd territory in San Francisco and the 4th territory in Los Angeles. Again, we will hire a good Manager on your behalf, to manage your businesses here in the USA.  For all Dental Wig sold in your territories, you keep 50% and we keep 50%. However, our 50% that we take covers all your marketing, advertising and branding expenses. All sales happen on one single website:

For more information, click Here  and  send an invite with your first name and your question on WhatsApp: +1 562 279 5770

Or/And send us an email HERE

First published on July 17 2020 by Skfeed. Click here to read the original article

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