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EB5 Visa Investor: Where Should I Live when I Move To The USA? What About My Children's Schools?

Hello! Happy Friday!

Again, this is Lydie Livolsi from Los Angeles California. Today is Friday 23, 2019., and just 89 days left before November 21, 2019. The day where, $1 million USD dollars required for the Standalone EB-5 Visa Investment will go up to $1,800,000. I'm here today, to help you act as soon as possible, so that you can save $800,000. 

Before I start my video, again, I want to thank all of you guys who asked your questions, about how the EB-5 works. Today, we have 2 questions from potentials EB-5 Visa Investors. The first question is "As an EB-5 Visa Investor, where should I live (in which State) with my family?", and the second question is "What about my children's schools. How does school system work in USA?"  The answer of the first question is that the EB-5 Visa Investment program is federal, which means that it works within the entire 50 States of the USA. So, you can live wherever you want. You can live in any State you want. However, regarding the business side, because I am in Los Angeles, we must set up your company here in LA. Because, while you are not here (in the country) yet, I must pick up all the mails, read everything, contact you so we can handle together all business' inquiries from the company that we are going to create here in LA for you. Your company is a kind of joint venture between your company and My Dental Wig which is my company. So, for the company, indeed, it must be in Los Angeles. As you may know, in the U.S. some laws are federal while others are State's laws. So, it's not easy to change the State especially for myself. I can't move my company to another State just like that. My business is based in California in Los Angeles County, so that is it. It will be very helpful to have you here in LA, so you won't have to travel all the time to attend meetings etc.

Regarding the schools for your children, because the EB5 Visa Investment includes your spouse and all your children under 21, which means children from elementary, middle and high schools. The education system here in the U.S., the way schools are set up, is different from other countries. Personally, coming from France, there are some things like school district map (boundaries), the zip codes, I was already aware of because it works almost the same way in France. So, I was involved with my kids with the Santa Monica-Malibu School district, Beverly Hills School district and Long Beach School District. These 3 school districts are those where I can really help you get your children enrolled. I know how they work, what are their requirements and how to meet them. I have been there back - and - forth. It's easy, in the meantime California is the biggest State of the USA with almost 50 million people. So, we have what it needed here. 

Again, you can anywhere in the United States, after you come here with your EB5 Visa Investment, and your kids can attend any public schools if you live within the school district associated with your residential address.  Again, it's really about how each school district operates. But here in Los Angeles County, I know very well, how those 3 school districts work: Santa Monica - Malibu, Beverly Hills and Long Beach School districts. That's all for today. 

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Thank you so much. Again Lydie Livolsi, Founder and CEO of My Dental Wig directly from Los Angeles California.

Bye now. 

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