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Do you remember the article in the NYT a few years back that talked about the EB-5 federal visa program?
The EB-5 program has been around since 1990; invest, get a green card, and succeed. It was created to boost the U.S manufacturing and it ended up being used mostly for real estate.
Almost 400 EB-5 Regional Centres were shut down in 2019 and real estate EB-5s is shrinking to profit Standalone EB-5.
Through this federal visa program billions of dollars got invested in real estate and various projects.
Rodrigo Azpurua wrote an excellent article (Forbes) indicating that reassurance regarding investment allocated correctly is a must alongside with continuous investor updates.
Therefore, due diligence is a must when searching for EB-5 projects.
Latin America’s appetite is growing, while China is moving away.
Before jumping in, consult with an EB-5 lawyer to make the right decision to relocate and to “be in business”
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Mariett Ramm, Outside Contributor

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