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Guide To Getting USA- EB-5 Investor Visa Faster

Over the years, foreigners have tried to get their hands on the US citizenship or the so-called ‘green card.’ Although there are multiple ways in which one can get the US citizenship, the easiest of them all is the EB-5 Visa, which is specially designed for the investors and the entrepreneurs. If you have the required sum of money to invest in the US and offer employment to the U.S citizens, then you can easily get hooked up with a green card and enjoy the perks of being an American citizen.

What is the EB-5 Immigrant Visa?

The famous EB-5 Investor Visa is a type of immigrant visa that allows the foreign investors and business individuals to start their own business or invest in a U.S company/ organization to qualify for the permanent resident status in the United Sates. Most ways to earn the ‘Green Card’ are long and require a lot of effort, but when it comes to EB-5 Investor Visa, there are only a few requirements that you need to fulfill, which we will get into later.

The EB-5 Immigrant Visa Program, was launched by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) back in 1990 to attract foreign business investors to the United States in order to induce job creation and boost the U.S economy in return for the lawful Green Card (permanent resident status). Investors are required to invest standard $1.8 million in the business sector or $900,000 in the Targeted Employment Area (TEA), along with providing full time employment to at least 10 U.S citizens in order to secure conditional permanent resident status.

Purpose of the EB-5 Immigrant Visa

The sole purpose of the EB-5 Immigrant Visa is to attract high-net worth (HNW) foreign nationals to the United States in order to provide jobs to U.S citizens and increase the revenue of the country. More investment means more tax money collected for the government, which is definitely a good thing. Plus, more jobs also indicate a high employment rate, which means higher revenues, more money to spend.

In 1990, Congress added this 5th classification to the immigrant visa category with the aim to create and sustain more jobs by attracting foreigners to invest in the economy in return for the U.S Green Card. The investors and their family members are provided with a conditional permanent resident for the first two years, which is converted to an unconditional permanent resident status if the conditions are fulfilled.

This provides the government with enough time to judge and analyze the performance of your investment and whether it is doing any good for the country and the citizens or not. But for the time being, your investment remains at risk as no return on investment is guaranteed.



12 Benefits of the EB-5 Immigrant Visa

An EB-5 investor who has attained the status of the lawful permanent resident can enjoy almost, the same benefits as a regular US citizen. This means that the person or his qualifying dependents will be treated as US residents and not as foreigners by the institutes, organizations, and the industry operating in the country. Here are a few perks that you can enjoy after getting the permanent resident status;

  • Free public education till college for your kids.
  • Secure better business and employment opportunities
  • Eligible to sponsor your relatives for the permanent resident status of USA
  • Start or buy your own business easily
  • Qualify for Federals loans for business, education or property
  • Eligible for social security benefits
  • Access to the U.S job market and hire employees like a U.S national  
  • Your spouse and your children are eligible to work in the U.S
  • You become American millionaire and be listed among the prestigious American millionaires.
  • Easy access to the U.S consumers and expand your business in USA, with the potential to becoming American billionaire.
  • You contribute to create jobs and boost the U.S economy.
  • Possibility to become an American Celebrity.



7 Requirements for the EB-5 Immigrant Visa             

The top question in your head at this point would be what the requirements for the Eb-5 Immigrant Visa are? Well, to be straightforward and direct we would say that there are requirements that an investor needs to fulfill in order to qualify for the program and that are;

  • To invest at least $1.8 million in a commercial enterprise or a regional center or a minimum of $900,000 in Target Employment Area.
  • Your commercial business or investment should induce at least ten full0time jobs for the US citizens.
  • Your money must be clean: no money laundering, no money coming from drugs, sex and humans’ trafficking, corruption etc.
  • The funds should be made in “cash” money, no promissory note.
  • The money used for the investment should qualify as lawful funds, which means that it should be lawfully owned by the investor, whether through inheritance, gift, income, and sale of property or a personal loan. Not business loan.
  • The money used for the investment should qualify as lawful funds, which means that it should be lawfully owned by the investor, whether through inheritance, gift, income, and sale of property or a personal loan. Not business loan.
  • The funds must be “at risk.”

Who is eligible for the EB-5 Immigrant Visa?

Almost everyone is eligible for the EB-5 program as there are no racial, educational, or nationality restrictions in the program. But in order to qualify as an investor under the EB-5 Program the main investor, along with his/her qualifying family members should satisfy the following conditions;

  • Should meet the eligibility requirement for the EB-5 program
  • Must pass the consular screening interview along with the criminal and medical background checks.

Process of getting an EB-5 Immigrant Visa

The process of getting an EB-5 Immigrant Visa is quite simple and straightforward, but it does take some time to process. In order to start with the process, you first need to invest your sum of money either directly in the U.S commercial enterprise or indirectly in a regional center. No promissory notes.

Most foreigners choose to invest in regional centers as they already have investment plans ready for you, so you don’t have to take much of the responsibility. A better version in “Direct Investment” is available with MyDentalWig’s  “Turnkey Standalone EB-5 Investor Visa” , where they take care of everything, hiring Manager and the 10 full time employees required with in BONUS, you own 4 U.S dental businesses without a dental degree.  To break it down, here are the steps through which an EB-5 investor goes through to get the unconditional permanent resident status. 

  • Review the eligibility criteria under the EB-5 program for the investor
  • Choose the EB-5 Regional Center project that you want to invest in or make a direct investment.
  • Hire an experienced EB-5 immigration attorney (MydentalWig provides EB-5 investor with Licensed EB-5 Lawyer)
  • Remit the required amount whether $900,000 or $1,800,000 in the project 
  • Submit Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur (MyDentalWig’s EB-5 Lawyer will take care of all your legal matters).
  • If approved, you will have to go through the Consular interview and pass it for sure. 
  • Then, you along with your dependents will get the visa to come to USA with the conditional permanent resident status for two years. 
  • Satisfy the conditions for the removal of the conditional resident status and submit an I-829 Petition to remove conditions. (MyDentalWig’s EB-5 Lawyer will handle all your legal matters).
  • On approval of the I-829 Petition, you will be awarded the unconditional permanent residence. 
  • Now you can enjoy the same status as a US citizen. 




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