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How Do You Know If Your Tooth Is Rotten

How Do You Know If Your Tooth Is Rotten

It is quite embarrassing to have rotten teeth because you will never be able to smile with confidence. In some cases, rotten teeth even cause pain. Mouths harbor many bacteria. When we fail to take good care or our teeth, these bacteria destroy our teeth and cause our teeth to decay. When teeth rot, the enamel or the hard cover of the teeth decays and the problem progresses to the dentine and the pulp until there is nothing left.

There are various causes of rotten teeth including poor eating habits such as eating too many sugary foods, poor oral hygiene, excessive acids, dryness of the mouth, infections in the mouth and overall sickness of the body.

One of the most common bacterial infections that affect the teeth is tooth decay or dental carries as commonly known. They cause dissolution and destruction of organic and calcified components.

Here are some of the symptoms that can help you know that you have rotten teeth.

Discoloration – Rotten tooth will be indicated with brownish black fissures at the sides of the tooth.
Oral Malodor /Bad Breath – When there is a gradual decay of the organic elements as a result of the rotten teeth, you will experience bad breath each time you exhale.
Increase in Sensitivity – This is another common symptom of a rotten tooth. Painful and sharp sensation in teeth while drinking cold or hot drinks is a sure indication that your tooth is rotten.
Changes in the Surrounding Tissues – Infection caused by a rot in the tooth can spread to nearby tissues in most advanced cases. This can cause serious conditions such as cavernous sinus thrombosis or osteomyelitis.
Blackening of teeth
Teeth falling
Teeth size changes such as reduction in size and thinning of the teeth

It is imperative to detect tooth decay early so that you can prevent the progression of any infection and tooth-rotting. Visit your dentist on a regular basis so that you can keep such infections at bay and have a good oral health.

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