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How to Obtain a Green Card via Standalone EB-5 Foreign Investment?

With all the news headlines detailing the difficulties of immigrating to the US under the Trump Administration, one form of immigration remains both accessible and easy (if you have the funds to undertake it).

This is immigration via the EB5 investor green card, which allows foreign investors to move to the United States legally with their family.

What Is the Standalone EB5 Foreign Investment?

While you can jump through hoops and go through a complicated application process at an EB5 Regional Center, foreigners with money to invest often go the “standalone” route for obtaining an EB5 investor green card.

The reasons for choosing the standalone EB5 path is that it is fast (in 8-12 weeks you can usually have completed the process), and it offers the path of least resistance to international families, particularly those who wish to enroll their children in top American schools.

Isn’t it still difficult to create a business in the USA?

Starting a business anywhere can be challenging, but there are some companies in the USA who specialize in creating opportunities for international investors.

MyDentalWig is one such company. They have created a standalone EB5 investor package which offers a number of benefits to international investors seeking an American green card by making a EB5 visa investment.

When you invest in their business they provide direct access to a US licensed EB5 lawyer who will file your documents without complications to the US Government and set you up with a false teeth business that is ready to fulfill the 10 full time jobs, which is what the government wants to see. You’ll receive a visa for you, your spouse, and any/all children under the age of 21 to come to the USA after your files are submitted. At the end of the entire process that lasts between 18 to 24 months, you will get your US green card and enjoy the benefits of living the American dream.

What's more (and perhaps most importantly), your investment money will be safe and under the control of the USCIS so you don't have to worry about your funds.

Of course there are a few requirements to open this legitimate business.

The funds you use to invest must be legitimate and the US government must be able to understand how you obtained these funds. This is important, and beyond having the money to invest, it’s the key aspect toward obtaining a legitimate EB5 investor green card.

What Other Paths to Obtaining a US Green Card Are There?

A Green Card holder is a permanent US resident who has been granted the authorization by the US government to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis, even though they are not a US citizen.

The primary ways that you can obtain a US Green Card are through family, employment (including as an immigrant investor through the EB5 program), refugee or asylum seeker, as a human trafficking or crime victim, victim of abuse, and through other categories. The investor option is certainly the easiest way to obtain a US green card, particularly under the Trump administration which is investor and business friendly, but tends to deter asylum seekers, especially at the southern border.

You can learn more about the paths to obtaining a green card here.

If you're interested in learning more about the EB5 Investor Green Card package offered by MyDentalWig mentioned in this article, send media inquiries to Their company is located in the USA and you can learn more on twitter by following @mydentalwig.

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  • The first basis of obtaining a green card is to get a family member to sponsor you for a permanent resident card. If you want to get a green card through family, you will have to have a family member who is either already a US Citizen or US permanent resident. See more at

    Amanda Cook

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