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How To Take Care Of Your false Teeth

Removable partial or complete false teeth 

To keep your mouth clean, fresh and healthy, dentures should be kept clean, not just to keep them white.


Partial and complete denture:

Brush the dentures while brushing your teeth with your false teeth at least once a day, and ideally every time after eating. Then:


  1. Make sure the bottom of the sink has its cap
  2. Rinse your toothbrush
  3. Take your false teeth out from one jaw at the time
  4. Rinse the loose debris dentures.
  5. Brush your false teeth gently inside and outside
  6. Thoroughly rinse it
  7. Rinse your mouth
  8. Insert your freshly clean false teeth on your jaw
  9. Take your false teeth from your other jaw out
  10. Repeat the process from #3 to #7
  11. Thoroughly rinse your mouth for a total clean healthy and fresh breath.
  12. Rinse and store your toothbrush. If you have mouthwash, Rinse and gargle your mouth and throat with the mouthwash and spit it (do not swallow mouthwash).
  13. If you have more than 1 set, store dentures in water (but never hot water) or a soaking solution of a denture cleanser when not in use to prevent warping. Don't allow them to dry out. If not, it should be inside your mouth.

You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner in addition to the daily brushing.


Never drop dentures that are quite fragile onto a hard surface like a sink or floor, or let children play with them.


If any portion of the dentures break or need to be adjusted, never attempt to change or solve it yourself as a measure of cost-saving or comfort. Look at a dentist or call MyDentalWig and request their VIP Same Day Denture Repair. It's going to be much cheaper and safer in the long run.


Fixed False teeth: bridge, implants etc

Because they are cemented, screwed in your mouth, crowns, bridges and implants cannot be taken out of your mouth for cleaning, therefore, they tend to cause bad breath more often.


Brush your teeth as usual. Use interdental brush and brush behind the interdental toot/teeth of the bridge or the implant to remove food particles to avoid special bridge’s bad breath.

  • The bridge bad breath is a special smell of rotten food, that people with bridges who do not clean up underneath the interdental have. When the teeth are properly brushed, the bad smell goes away, and the breath is fresh.
  • The cracked tooth bad breath: it happens when a tooth is openly cracked. No matter how many times you brush your teeth per day, you will likely still have a terrible bad breath. You can’t clean inside a cracked tooth. Using some any kind of bad breath drops won’t solve the problem: you repel people around you with your bad breath. The only way to solve the issue is to visit a dentist who most likely will pull out your cracked tooth.
  • The cavities’ bad breath. People with many cavities have bad breath. Because a cavity is a hole on the natural tooth, the hole becomes a reservoir for food. After few hours of stacking food, food becomes rotten and your mouth start smelling bad. The best way to get rid of this problem is to see a dentist who will provide you with proper fillings.
  • The meth bad breath. People addict to meth have what it called “meth mouth”. Meth mouth has it all: cavities, gum disease, cracked teeth, dry mouth etc. They have heavy bad breath with unhealthy broken, chipped, black teeth. The best way to get these teeth cleaned up is to visit a dentist who will pull all of them out and you are a perfect candidate for MyDentalWig.



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