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I Came To America To Be Part Of The Greatest Made In The USA Manufacturers

 For my love of the Made in the USA brands!

Growing up in Cameroon, I was listening to my parents all the time saying, “Products Made in The United States are the best”. A little bit about the background history.

Basically, I accidently grew up in a small town where people were on the side of the France Colonizer, therefore, they did not like us AT ALL. I can remember many times I was bullied during recess, by other kids, having fun of me and singing after me “Bamilele maquizards, go back to your countryside; you are invader here.” (maquisards were rebel combatants of an armed group opposing resistance to an invader), etc. and my parents will say to me “don’t say anything; do not respond”. This is a little girl facing discrimination in her own country!  The strategy that consists on dividing people to better take advantage of that division is old. France also has another strategy called “embrace your enemy to better suffocate him/her” (Embrasser son ennemi (e)pour mieux l’ étouffer”. This second one is the reason why, the talk about peace between two rival factions is “dangerous” because you do not know if the other side is willing the peace talk, just as a trap.

My family obviously fought hard on the side of those seeking freedom from France and from UK. In fact, my parents who were from the western part of the country, bridge between the English and the French were very active members of the UPC (see the analogy with ANC of South Africa). I learned that my dad traveled many times in Nigeria, that he knew Nelson Mandela etc. I also learned that my mom was the treasury of the UPC in her district (this is where my great financials/money management comes from). The independence of Cameroon happened on January 1st 1960 after 10 years of civil war and was followed by 2 bloody years of civil war 1960-1962 during which there was all kinds of settling of scores between the rival factions.

Remember, Nelson Mandela was arrested in 1962…When we put together, in a chronological way, the history of Cameroon with the history of South Africa from1950 to 1972, we see a lot of similarities showing the 2 systems of colonization of British and France . However, the fact that Nelson Mandela was kept alive in prison for 27 years, while ALL Presidents of African countries (excepted North Arabic Countries), were assassinated with the armed hand of France from Sékou Touré, Thomas Sankara etc. demonstrate their difference (will say more about this in another chapter).

My dad who was polygamous (this is how being polygamous during war is very hard for the husband who has the responsibility to handle multiple wives and children….), as all UPC members were the highly targeted profiles because, they were unfortunately the “losers” of the independence. The 1st President of Cameroon was set by France. France’s mission was to get rid of ALL UPCists leaders. My father with one of his youngest brothers were wanted by France Military.  The great UPCist Leader Ernest Ouandié , with the help of the former Soviet Union (who was supporting the UPC and the ANC), knowing that France is looking to assassinate him, was able to send his children in an Asian country. My dad sent my (dentist) sister to one of his half-sisters in Douala, and fled south, in the direction of Yaoundé the capital with the expectation to flee the country with his family as soon as he can. They have to hide themselves in the bushes and sleep during daytime and walk all nights. His1st stop was Makénéné. I still wasn’t born yet. He sent the message to the countryside, asking his wives to follow him in Makénéné. Only 2 wives made the move. Later, I was born. Under the strong and non-stop persecution of the belligerents armed by France Military, my dad fled further South to Bafia. I am so grateful to my late older brother Modeste, who died here in Santa Monica from non-smoker lungs cancer, for sharing with me the story of my father’s scape from Makénéné to Bafia, and the very muscular interrogation of the belligerents, with the threat of killing my mom, my brother and me, who wanted to know where my father is hiding. This is how, we ended up in Bafia where I accidently went to school from kinder gardens to 12th grade. Accidently because, my dad did not make his exodus to Yaoundé to leave the country. What the UPCists were afraid of happened, Ernest Ouandié was arrested in 1970 and few months later my dad had to leave the home for the hospital.


Ernest Ouandié 1970. His last words before taking the bullet:

“Long life to Cameroon”


On January 15th, 1971, UPC Leader Ernest Ouandié was publicly assassinated on the public farmers market with the armed hand of France. My dad and my mom were heartbroken. (By the way, I met in person, one of his daughters in 2009-2010). The story of our conversation will come out later. Fake news say that Ernest Ouandié was assassinated by 1st Cameroonian President Ahmadou Ahidjo. The way Ernest Ouandié was assassinated was similar to the lynching of African Americans. By the way, all KKK practices here in the US were practiced in Africa. That’s why I emphasize on the technic that was used to assassinate George Flyold as part of one of the France’s technics, and as I mentioned, Derrick Chauvin aka “the bad apple” last name “Chauvin” is French. You can connect the dots here.


France Ancestor Technics


My dad who left the house in 1970 for the hospital because he was sick, learned about the assassination of their leader when he was laying on a hospital bed. My dad, during his four years and half in hospital message to us his children was “your health is the most precious gift.”. My dad in the hospital could not do anything. He left the house, I was 7, and just started my second grade, he told me “I am coming” and on January 1st, 1975 he died.


I hope that people who always asked me why I am so   biter with France, understand here that France is responsible of the early death of my father and my brother. Now, you understand why I am AGAINST wars because I was raised by parents who lived and fled wars zones, which impacted their DNA, and I am an orphan child of war.

Now, how all of this background’s history is related to my dream of becoming part of the greatest Made In The USA Manufactures? My parents loved and cherished USA made products because they were best quality, and long-lasting. Most industrially manufactured products came from France and they were BAD QUALITY. They were specifically made for African countries. Nothing compared to the same products made and sold in France. They were extremely expensive as France imposed Strong Tariffs and even prevented some countries to do business with Cameroon. For example, there was a France shoes brand called “Bata”. Oh my god! I’ve never seen so bad and ugly shoes brand like Bata. You wore Bata shoes only one time, that the shoes are completely out of use. My parents loved Made in the USA products, followed by Made in Germany.(Remember, Cameroon was a former German’s colony, until the end of WWI when Germany lost the against France, the former  Society Of Nations (current Union Nations: UN) placed Cameroon under France’s protectorate.

Today, making Americans happy and proud with my Made In The USA Dental Wig makes me so proud.

When I was looking for customers’ services, I was referred to few companies based here in the US, but quickly found out that their services were not provide from the USA. I canceled, and finally decided to move forward with my love for the “Made in The USA”. I decided to keep my customers’ services in the US. Therefore, from the Dental Wig products to the customer services, all are proudly made in the US.

Thank you so much for reading. If you have one missing tooth or more missing teeth, do not hesitate, start your Buy Once Smile Forever™ layaway today and lock your price for life! YES , FOR LIFE!


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