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I Came To America Because I Love Made In USA

I am so proud to be part of the "Transition To Greatness" with the increasing of Made in America, I came to USA for!


Growing up in Africa, my parents and family loved all products Made In USA. I can here their comments, like, they are good quality, they last long, etc..Yes, ALL Made in USA products were the highest qualities. Those products were like  the sewing machine by Singer, toothpaste made by Colgate, farmers and trucks made by Caterpillar, etc.). 

I was born in Cameroon after it independence. One side was British and the other side was French. I grew up on the French side. Back then, France has established a company called CFAO where ALL products not made in France were HIGHLY TAXED to discourage people from buying them, while selling the WORST made in France products throughout the country...


My parents, my family and other adults were upset. 

My dad was one of Mandela Companion and VERY opposed to the occupation of his country by France even after its "independence".

A little background story about Cameroon. Cameroon was first "discovered" by the Portuguese, then the Germans. During WWI, Cameroonians were sent to Europe to fight aside of Germany, against France. The Germany lost WWI, with the consequences of loosing its colonies.The League of Nations, abbreviated as LN or LON, which was the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace, placed Cameroon under Franco-British Mandate. Starting 1916, the East part of Cameroon has been administrated by France. 

During WWII, while some Cameroonians were sent to Europe as soldiers, to strengthening the French military against the Germans. Locally, during the night of August 25th to 26th 1940, French Captain Leclerc arrived with his troupe,obviously killed many people, and firmly set up a very rude French colonial administration.This new system, was a kind of military dictatorship. He established a state of siege all over the whole country, and abolished always all public freedom.

 After WWII, the UN switched the protectorate status of Cameroon into "guardianship" AND integrated it into the French Union like the other colonies. 

From the end of WWII in 1945, began tensions in Cameroon which led to war for the independence of Cameroon from 1955 until January 1, 1960 date of its independence. It was unfortunately followed by civil war from 1960 to 1962. France with it powerful army intelligence, used the same inhuman proven techniques in Vietnam and in Algeria war by caring out assassinations of Cameroonians leaders and all rebels, torture, forced displacement of people into militarized regroup camps etc..

It not an democratic election that brought the independence. The new appointed President was placed by France. After the civil war, the new government started going after all people of the Cameroonian Resistance including my family... One of my uncle was wanted by the French military, with his picture posted everywhere...My dad and his brothers who were wanted fled and escaped many attempts to assassinations... This is when I was born....So, basically, I was raised by parents and family who lived and survived a long period of war.

 With all this background, it was understandable that Cameroonians did not like shopping at the CFAO store! They will save money to buy their expensive loved Made in USA items...At home, we will treasured them so much!

I came to America to find to my great deception that almost everything was Made in China!

To be honest, I was confident that this needs to change...

I always wanted to hold in my hands those sophisticated Made in USA products even though ALL My Dental Wig are guaranteed PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA, I wanted more.


When we wanted to launch our Smile Care Needs line of products, I maintained that at least they should be Designed & Shipped From USA™ going against the drop - shipping.

Because I knew that there are people out there like me who WANT these beautiful high quality products #MadeinUSA,

I was picky over little details to make my products feel & look elegant...

Honestly, brushing my teeth, and looking at me in the mirror with this elegant looking #toothbrush, I always say to myself, this is the #America, I came here for. I am so proud to have my company listed with the FDA as a USA Manufacturer!

I am sure that my late parents who loved MADE IN USA are SMILING to me...and are saying " This is our last child, look at how she is doing..."

The #best is yet to come

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