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Keep Your Options Open with Stitches and Bone Grafts

When tooth pain sufferers are in the grips of excruciating agony, they rarely give thought to little more than ending that pain. The vast majority of preparatory office visits involve examinations, X-rays, if needed, and anesthesia considerations prior to any extraction. After the extraction, healing can be highly impacted by decisions made regarding the recovery process. Specifically, you need to know what happens after the throbbing tooth stops throbbing, and how to manage your oral healthcare to prevent any further loss of teeth.

Unfortunately, most patients typically make these decisions based on financial concerns rather than on what is best for their teeth. The truth is, spending more money on proper after-surgical care, following an extraction, is money well spent and.... want to read more? Click on the following link to get your copy of Lydie Livolsi's book "IF TEETH LOSS AND CHEWING LOSS LEAD TO MEMORY LOSS, WHAT ABOUT ROOT CANAL? on Amazon: Click here


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