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Leisure World Community Expo

I’m Mallory Sullivan, right now I’m at Leisure World at the 2017 Leisure World Community Expo, sponsored by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce.  This Community Expo gives vendors, the rare opportunity to showcase their business products and services to over 9,000 residents of Leisure World. Let’s head inside. Susan Ouellet of My Dental Wig: “Our business is an alternative to dental implants, it’s a FDA approved, fully Patented, Dental; so we visit the customer, the client, do the mold, and come back within a week with their Dental Wig, is where you’ll find us.

Thomas Moore City Council, Seal Beach District 2: “We’re really here to support the Chamber of Commerce, the city’s here with the Police and the Fire Department, and it’s a great event because we’re showing support for not only the Chamber of Commerce with Leisure World, and the city. So, it’s kind of bringing all those entities together, and having a nice event for further the city of Seal Beach.

Paul Pratt, Co-Chair, and Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce: “Three years ago, we had the first event here, and we were covered very well, we had about 2,500 people. A lot of people are coming so far. I’m guessing we’ve had about   800 to a thousand people who come through, but it’s a lot of fun, and a whole idea is to have people who are living in Leisure World to be able to contact the people who are in the Chamber”

Mallory Sullivan: “And that’s all we have for today’s covers of the 2017 Leisure World Expo sponsored by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. Stay in the know about upcoming shoots or events for Los AL TV at    Thank you for watching.”   

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