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LEGEND Men's Magazine Cover And Full Interview With Lydie Livolsi


Lydie Livolsi, A Champion of Women, Health and Success

December 28, 2017



                Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison were noted inventors of their time, forever changing the world, as they then knew it, to one of progression and ingenuity. Today, inventors continue to sculpt the world around us, and their contributions are duly noted. There is one inventor who's insight and perception in the field of dentistry has driven her to improve the dentist's experience by creating a product that is not only painless but a strike at pure genius in modern times. Lydie Livolsi is that brilliant mind behind the patented and world-renowned "Dental Wig."

A "Dental Wig" is exactly what it sounds like. It's a wig for your teeth. Carefully crafted and designed to fit into space where teeth once were, the Dental Wig allows it's users to eat, sleep and play without the discomfort and embarrassing mishaps commonly associated with dentures.

Getting fitted for a Dental Wig is absolutely painless and it practically eliminates the need for dental implants. A procedure that is both expensive and painful.

There is no doubt in our mind that the Dental Wig is here to stay and that Lydie has forever changed the way we approach our dental options. She has become a true champion of a beautiful smile while she continues to put a smile on the faces of everyone she meets due to her self-sacrificing spirit.
Yes, Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin would have been honored to have Lydie Livolsi in their company. She has certainly earned her spot among the rank of inventors as a legend that continues to give comfort and hope to those plagued by dental difficulties in the 21st century.

We at LEGEND had the honor of interviewing Lydie in this month's issue of the LEGEND Men's Magazine. Here is her inspiring interview.



LEGEND: What exactly is a Dental Wig?

LYDIE: Dental Wig is the patented and FDA approved, painless, elegant, long lasting, affordable, and convenient missing teeth replacement alternative to implants and bridges from the comfort of your home, sold exclusively by Dental Wig Company. 

 Our Mission Statement is to make premium products accessible to everyone.

Our Vision is to Solve Missing Teeth on Earth!

 LEGEND: As a patented invention, what were some of the challenges you experienced to develop your product and put it on the market?

LYDIE: First of all, it's important to understand that an idea is patentable if and only if it can be translated into an object that can be sold on a big scale. So, I always had this big idea of serving many people with missing teeth. 

As a Dental Technician working exclusively under dentists' prescriptions, my initial motivation was my will to help more people. I was working in a dental lab with 20 employees and over 100 dentists. Even though my bosses, our dentist's clients and some of my colleagues said that I was doing a very good job, I knew that I was brilliant and capable of doing more. I found out that working exclusively for dentists limited my potential. During my Master studies, instead of focusing on the technical aspect, because I was technically talented, I decided to go with the Regulation (laws and norms) aspect in the dental industry. I traveled to many countries and had many meetings with other dental lab owners  to discuss the laws in their country. I got information from Canada and the USA. I read a lot of informational publications related to the regulations and normalization in the dental industry.


LEGEND: How did your grandmother inspire your career and how does her memory drive you today?

LYDIE: Well, I came into this field because of my grandmother. She loved crunchy peanuts, however, because she had only 2 canines left on her upper jaw, I remember seeing her kneeing on the floor, and blending roasted peanuts with our ancestral blender granite stone, to get peanut butter. One day, she begged my dentist sister to make her teeth so she could enjoy chewing crunchy roasted peanuts. My sister responded to her that my family is sending me to France to learn how to make teeth. On June 27, 1987, we hugged each other so deeply! A year later, I received a phone call in the middle of the night informing me that she had passed away. I was heartbroken! She was the legacy of our traditional culture; as late African Philosopher Senghor once said:" and old person who dies is a library that burns". During my summer vacation in 1989, I pledged on her grave that because I wasn't able to make her teeth as promised, I will make teeth for all people in the world to honor her. This was the starting point of my journey in finding the solution to solve missing teeth on earth. This has become my calling! Today, there is My Dental Wig Company, My Dental Wig Foundation with the mission to raise money to provide teeth to people who cannot afford them.

 LEGEND: Were there other family members who encouraged you to pursue your passion?


LYDIE: Initially, I wanted to become either a Judge or a Surgeon. My dentist sister encouraged me to be a dental manufacturer instead. She told me to always keep in mind that, in reality, like drug companies, the dental manufacturer is, in fact, the central key in the dental industry, not the dentist. This has helped me to be able today to replace missing teeth without dentist. My siblings and my children are very supportive. Today, I have no regrets about not being a Judge or Surgeon.

I'm the youngest child of 10 siblings from 3 wives. When I was 7 years old, my dad went to the hospital because he was sick. About 5 years later, on new year 1975, he passed away without saying goodbye. However, he left an important  message about me to my mom… His legacy was to have one of his daughter known worldwide. So, my late mom and my siblings always encouraged me to be that daughter! It’s an honor and a privilege to living my dad’s legacy. I’m grateful to my family for letting me be. 

 My children are source of encouragement, because I’m their role model.

LEGEND: How has Oprah shared your career development? 

LYDIE: Oprah inspires me every day. I heard about Oprah for the first time, just a couple of years (12 to 15 years) ago in France, after watching the movie “The Color Purple”. In 2008, when I moved to the U.S., I found out that she was the first African American richest woman! At the election night in November 2008, the moment I saw her face on TV in tears, after the announcement of Barrack Obama elected as the President of the USA, instantly, I cried too, because, I felt what she went through. And at that moment, I heard that little voice whispering to me “if Oprah did it, I too can do it”. I recently learned that DNA tests has shown that Oprah is DNA Bamileke! I’m Bamileke! And, she looks like my sisters; some common vocal feelers and mannerisms, I believe carried by DNA. Genes don’t lie!
LEGEND: How has being a woman impacted your options to key opportunities in Africa and in the US? How have you successfully overcome them? 

LYDIE: I grew up in a polygamous environment where men have multiple wives, thus many children. In this typical scenario, women don’t wait for their husband to sustain their family. There is no possibility of divorce. Woman has to demonstrate total financial independence and raise her children.  In reality the husband in a polygamous family actually always loves one wife more than his others and consequently her children more than the other children's wives! I remember thinking as a little girl that, I will not accept living in that type of marriage. I believe in the importance of financial independence for women, but not in being in a polygamous marriage. Because of my choice of willing to be successful by myself, I have paid the high price of raising my daughter as a single mom in France. Then I moved to the U.S. as a French Investor and I’m currently raising my son as a single mom in Los Angeles. I’m proud that my daughter graduated last year from the 3rd ranked Southern California Private University in Liberal Arts.

As I have become more of a mature woman in the business world, I have found and enjoyed more challenges.  Mature women (women over 50) sometimes feel invisible in the business world, when in reality, we have juggled children, husbands, 40 hour a week jobs, babysitters, homework, teenagers, sick babies and we are still standing. We have learned time and life management.  Women over 50 can become the best investment for employers, if they continue to dream and If they continue to enjoy taking more challenges.

LEGEND:  Were there ever times when you felt like giving up? If so, what kept you pushing forward? 

LYDIE: Never. It may seem unbelievable, however, I have always have the drive and the motivation to help as many people as I can. Whenever I failed, I have always bounced back and pushed forwards.
LEGEND:  As a single parent, how do you balance being a CEO, inventor, motivational speaker and raising a son and daughter? 


LYDIE: In reality, when there is balance, there is no motion. In other words, it has to be one side that takes over. Having my children in good school allows me peace of mind. It gives me the confidence to brainstorm more effective solutions to successfully run my company. My message to single moms is to be a role model of success for your children.

The second thing is Communication, always be there and be a support system to your family. Communication and presence are needed in order to have a healthy relationship in both family and business. It allows everyone to be on the same page. So whenever times are tough, I have a conversation with my children, and my team members to find the solution to the problem.

The last thing is having good lawyers and Politicians to help me with legal advice saving me time and money.

 LEGEND: What exciting things await your brand in 2018?

LYDIE: As a results-driven person, with my team, we are very excited about the launch of the Dental Wig Licensing (kind of franchise) in 2018. We currently have a huge demand for Dental Wig on social media nationwide. We want to reach our goal of helping one million people in 2018 to get their smile back. 

We are also focused on raising capital from EB-5 Immigrant Investor. Of course, all investors are welcome to be part of what we are doing in 2018.

By Joseph Daril Bonner, LEGEND Men's Magazine. 


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