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Lydie Livolsi’s Interview With #AccessTV


Lydie: Hi every listener, and we still in January, first week of January, so, Happy 2020.

So, I’m Lydie Livolsi, I’m the founder of MyDentalWig, a Los Angeles-based company, and I’m also a Committee member of #CityGala and #CitySummit, which is a great business networking event here in Los Angeles. I am the inventor of the kit of oneself dental impressions which is currently used by many companies like Smile Direct Club, to make aligners, or others to make snap on smile.

AccessTV host: Fantastic! That’s fantastic. Tel us a little bit about This is a website. You’ve got some great dental products. So, tell us a little bit about

Lydie: is my main business website, and what we provide at, is we solve missing teeth problems. So, we replace missing teeth, from one missing tooth to all missing teeth directly from the customer’s home. And, the product is called My Dental Wig is a very elegant, painless, affordable dental product that snaps into the empty space in your mouth and replaces all your missing teeth., and you get that dental wig, without having to go to the dentist: we come to you. And from the product, My Dental Wig product, we have My Dental Wig company which obviously hosts the product. The company has the product My Dental wig, and we also offer multiple products like the EB-5 Investment Visa where we offer opportunity to foreign investors, to come to America, become My Dental Wig  partner by owning some territories (zip codes) and get their U.S green card.

AccessTV host: fantastic! We’ve got a great guest today; she is joining live here in a broadcast. Of course, her website is Now, you are also an Author. I want to talk a little bit about your book here. You have a fantastic book out there about root canals, different things about that nature. Tell me a little bit about this book.

Lydie: My book is about basically my main activity is dental manufacturing. So, I can make crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, orthodontics, I can make all types of dental devices. The book is about some common problems that we encounter in the dental field, view by the dental manufacturer. In general, the dental industry is known only from what dentists do. All the manufacturing side is unknown by the general public. In reality, the dentist primarily goal is to treat our teeth, making sure that our mouth is clean and healthy. Many people don’t know about the manufacturing side which is the dental lab. The title of my book is “If Teeth Loss and Chewing Loss, Lead to Memory Loss, What about Root Canal” is in fact  explains that there is a big connection between, the tooth loss, the memory loss, the root canal and the chewing loss. Because in fact, when you have teeth loss, you don’t chew. You lost your ability to chew. Right? What is the cause of tooth loss? I the main question. My book is about helping people, to really understand the importance of having healthy teeth, and the importance of replacing their missing teeth. I want to bring awareness about the fact that chewing loss negatively affects the memory. That’s the purpose of my book. My book is available on Amazon. Just type “If teeth loss and memory loss…” and my book will appear. It’s a nice book in color, available in kindle version and printed version.

AccessTV host: We’ve got a guest today. She is joining us live today in broadcast and check out for more information. So, why did you decide to write this book?

Lydie: well, I decided to write the book because, people don’t know about how their missing teeth affects their health. Only hear in the United States, according to the National Association of Prosthodontists, there are over one hundred seventy-eight million people that are missing at least one tooth. Can you image, how this affects their health, their life, their future. People are not aware of that. When it comes to root canal, how many people have root canal in their mouth? A lot. And, they don’t know anything about how root canal negatively affects their health. People don’t know about it. So, my point is that, I want to bring awareness to people and also provide the truth information about the root canal, people should know if they should get their bad teeth pulled or get a root canal. The point I want to make here is not money issue. It’s about health issue. How root canal can affect your brain, your memory.

AccessTV Host: Awesome! We’ve got a great guest with us today. She’s joining us live at Lydie is with us today. She has a fantastic book, what about root canal and, so, where did you grow up? I love this accent that you have! Where exactly did you grow up?

Lydie: Well, I was born and raised in Cameroon in Africa. And, after that, I went to a dental school in France.  Then, I moved from Paris to Los Angeles. This is my migration journey.

AccessTV host: fantastic! We’ve got a great guest with us today. She joins us live here in the broadcast. She is an Author, and also Founder of So, at you mentioned that you guys will go to folks and help them out. Explain this process to us.

Lydie: So, the process is very simple. We price per jaw: upper jaw or lower jaw. The dentists price per tooth missing (one missing tooth, 2 missing teeth, etc.), while we price per jaw. One missing tooth to all missing teeth on the same jaw, our price is the same. It doesn’t matter how many teeth are missing on that jaw. If you have one missing tooth or many missing teeth, go on our website, select the dental wig that corresponds to your missing teeth on upper or lower jaw. Enter your zip code and check if we service your zip code and that is it. If your zip code is not available, that means that we do not have a representative yet. Therefore, send us a zip code representative request and we will love to have one in your neighborhood. We also have a product called “Buy Once Smile Forever”. It’s no credit check. No credit needed.  It’s a great, monthly membership plan created from the combination of the best benefits of a dental insurance, the best benefits of dental saving, the best benefits of dental financing, priced per jaw, that costs less than a monthly cable bill.

In reality, dental insurance covers only exam, x-rays. Carefully read your policy. It covers 1 crown every 5 years etc.

Dental saving saves you NOTHING, it’s a big scam. You are throwing your money from the window; you are just feeding those so-called dental plans. How do you know that you are saving when dentists’ prices are not public?

 The way it works is, let’s say for example, you have one or more missing teeth on your upper jaw, you don’t have the money right now to buy your dental wig on your upper jaw. You go at click on Buy Once Smile Forever on upper jaw, every month, you make your payment, we will ship to you, every month or every 3 months (see details on our website) all your smile care needs that includes electric toothbrush, tooth paste, mouth wash, teeth whitening products, etc..) and every 3 years, our dental technologist will contact you, schedule the first appointment, will come to you and get your dental impressions, and will start the process of making your new dental wig. So, every 3 years, you get a new dental wig. You don’t have to worry any more about your teeth. It’s a peace of mind dental membership. I have created Buy Once Smile Forever because, I really want to solve the missing teeth on the world. I don’t want people to complain again or have the anxiety of the missing teeth replacement estimate.  I understood that as a dental manufacturer, it was my responsibility, my mission to solve the missing teeth issue in the world, not the dentists. Because unfortunately, tooth loss is a process meaning that it does not happen only one time, when we start to lose one tooth, it will continue, and 3 years later, there is a big chance to lose more teeth and one and one. With the same intention that led me to invent the kit of oneself impressions, I have created Buy Once Smile Forever to help people. I want to solve the missing teeth problem in the world! If you have missing teeth on your upper and your lower jaw, select Buy Once Smile Forever Upper and lower jaw, and you are all set for dental peace of mind for life. As long as you are making your monthly payment, every 3 years, you will get a new dental wig no matter how many teeth are missing. We will come to your house, get the impressions, go back to our lab, design, create and make your new dental wig, come back to you back and forth, until we deliver it. If you need adjustment, we will come to you and adjust it. Plus, all your smile care products shipped at no extra cost. You make your monthly payments, and that is it. It’s a great service. We don’t want people to say that they cannot afford replacing their missing teeth anymore.

You know, when people walk out from a dental office with a high estimate that they cannot afford, they cry and dump it in the drawer. When they qualify for financing, while they are still paying back the financing, they get extra tooth/teeth loss, and one and one. At the end, they feel trapped into a dental heavy debt. Buy Once Smile Forever membership stops this catastrophe. Right now, it costs $80 per month for one jaw, $130 per month for the two jaws. One implant is currently priced between $4,000 to $5,000 for 1 tooth. If you look closely, Buy Once Smile Forever is not even the price of two dental implants, which means two teeth. We are talking about replacing all missing teeth on one jaw which is 14 teeth for less than the price of two implants. Buy Once Smile Forever is definitely a no brainer. Buy Once Smile Forever is your best alternative to dental saving plan, dental financing and dental insurance plan.

AccessTV host: we have a great guest today. She joins us live here in a broadcast. Check out Why is it the dental industry as you mentioned is so expensive. Give me your take on that whole thing.

Lydie: well, the dental industry is the other side of medical, and as you know, the health is expensive. The dental industry combines “medical and cosmetic”. The dental industry is like the cosmetic of the medical. All “cosmetic medical” are expensive. All dental care is provided by dentists. This is why I invented and patented, this way of replacing missing teeth from a kit of dental impression, skipping the dentist. My Dental Wig is a new dental technology approach, that allows me as a dental manufacturer, to use my skills, my knowledge, to help more people. My patented kit of oneself impressions to make dental appliances has opened the door of the revolution within the entire dental industry. That why, right now, there are many companies offering affordable clear teeth straighter from the kit, which is shipped to clients’ house, they take their dental impressions and ship them back to the company. I, Lydie Livolsi am the person who invented and patented that new technology of the kit of oneself dental impression taking. I am the person who came out for the first time, with the idea of providing to anybody, the possibility to take oneself dental impressions.

AccessTV host: Check out for more information. I appreciate you, making for us time today, and thanks for coming on the broadcast. We appreciate it my friend.

Lydie: It’s me. I really appreciate you for inviting me to come here today and share with all the listeners. Thank you so much, all listeners as well. I really appreciate it.

AccessTV host: definitely. Have yourself a happy new year, talk to you soon. Thank you.



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