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Lydie Livolsi’s interview with Mark Howard Host of The Business Machine Podcast direct from South Africa


Host Mark: Okay. You can hear me okay. Hi! So, welcome to The business machine podcast. Today I am probably, not probably, introducing one of amazing women, I’ve ever come across, Lydie Livolsi. Lydie, can you just introduce yourself before we start. Before we get into the main issues. Because, I think why people listen to my podcast get this: you are entrepreneur. You are the Founder and CEO at that we will talk about in a few minutes. You are an inventor. You are an EB5 Investor expert. You are City Gala Ambassador. And on top of all of that, you also run the HNW city summit which we are also going to talk about. Lydie, where do you find the time? You are a super woman or some of the sort! How do you manage your time around all these things?

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