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Lydie Livolsi The #1 Smile Expert Celebrity From Los Angeles, Talks About Her Patented and FDA Approved Dental Wig

Last updated: Jul 26, 2019

If someone is only missing one or two teeth, will the Dental wig cover their good teeth?
No, the Dental wig does not cover the good teeth. It snaps into the empty space the natural tooth/teeth were and fit perfectly. My Dental Wig is patented, and FDA approved. It is elegant, metal-free, painless, eco-friendly, long-lasting and affordable dental implant alternative. It replaces your missing teeth without a dentist, and from the comfort of your home. We will come to you. My Dental Wig is the affordable way to substitute your missing teeth.
Can you eat while wearing a Dental Wig?
Oh yes! The Dental Wig was invented in order to eat crunchy, roasted peanuts! Yes, you can eat apple, meat, almond, cashew, meat, bread, and everything you normally eat with your natural teeth. I am personally wearing 1 Dental Wig on my upper jaw and one on my lower jaw. I have no cavities at all but got cracked teeth that needed to be pulled out!
How do you keep a Dental Wig clean?
Very easy: 
  • Brush your teeth with a normal toothbrush or with My Dental Wig USB charged toothbrush, using regular toothpaste or My Dental Wig toothpaste.
  • Rinse your mouth (make sure the pop up is down).
  • Remove your Dental Wig on one jaw.
  • Brush it in and out with your toothbrush.
  • Rinse it.
  • Rinse your mouth.
  • Insert your Dental Wig.
  • If you have the Dental Wig on the other jaw, repeat #2 to # 7.
  • Final rinse of your mouth.
  • Rinse your toothbrush.
  • If you have a mouthwash, (you can use My Dental Wig mouthwash as well), one bottle cap of mouthwash, gargle and spit (do not swallow mouthwash), and you are ready to go with a fresh healthy breath.
Lydie, what inspired you to create Dental Wig?
I grew up in Cameroon (Africa) with a dentist at home (my oldest sister was a dentist; she is now retired). I wanted to become a physician, so I was in Chemistry and Biology classes at the University of Cameroon. Our beloved grandma loved to eat crunchy peanuts, but she had only two upper canines left in her mouth. So, she would kneel on the floor and blend her roasted peanuts into peanut butter. One day, she begged my dentist sister to make her false teeth so she could enjoy chewing crunchy, roasted peanuts. My sister responded to her that she is a dentist and her job is to treat teeth and not to make teeth. She suggested that I go to France to learn how to make false teeth. She said, “you know what? You might want to become a doctor. The truth is that without a dental manufacturer, a dentist won’t make that much money. We, dentists, do not make teeth.” She continued. “It’s like physicians, they don’t make drugs. Drugs companies are the bosses. If you understand and apply this principle, you will be the boss, not the dentist,” she said to me.
My sister helped me find the best private dental school in Aix-e- Provence in South France. The day I was flying to France, she told me, “remember, you are the boss, not the dentist.” I enrolled in a 4-year program but because I was a very smart student, the committee decided to let me complete the program in 3 years. It saved one year of tuition for my siblings. Back then, I was having 9 hours of class per day, then go to clean offices after school to make extra money and relieve my siblings (my dad passed away when I was 11 years old in 5th grade). I would come back to my studio around 9:30–10 pm, do my homework, go to bed around midnight, wake up around 5: am, go back to clean offices (mostly banks) and be at school at 8: am. That was my daily routine of living. Every Wednesday and Friday, I had a half-day class, I was an intern in a small lab in my neighbourhood for the entire three years. On weekends, I was a housekeeper for a very wealthy French family.
During my second year in spring, I received a phone call in the night announcing that grandma had passed away. I was devastated. I came to France, to learn how to make false teeth so I can go back to Cameroon and make teeth for my grandma so she could enjoy the pleasure of eating crunchy, roasted peanuts! The same summer, I went back home for vacation. I was so emotionally affected that I didn’t have the courage to get into her house (where she was buried). I wanted to feel like grandma was still alive. I stood at the Porch of her house and made a pledge to her saying, “Grandma, I wasn’t able to make your teeth as promised. Because of that, I will make the teeth for all people with missing teeth in the world to honour my promise to you”, and I flew back to France. I didn’t have any clue about how, where or when I was going to get started. The only thing I knew was that I will make it happen. I can make false teeth like dental implants, crowns, bridges, orthodontics devices, mouth guards, flexible/ nonflexible, metal frame partial and full dentures, etc. I can manufacture all kinds of dental apparatus.
After I graduated, I worked a couple years for a few employers, I got French citizenship, had my daughter, then I created my own business in France. Divorced, got married again. Got my son, waving into my second divorce…
The problem that I had to solve in order to help more people, if not all people missing at least one tooth was to find a legal way that allows replacing people’s tooth loss without having to go to the dentist. I did a lot research during my master’s Program to find out that the only thing that prevents a dental manufacturer from replacing people’s tooth loss without the dentist was the dental impressions. I focused my researches into the legal aspect of the dental industry. Long story short, my first patented invention was an adjustable dental impression tray. It’s one dental impression tray with accordion that can fit all mouth sizes. I got an Award from the former L’ANVAAR INNOVATION, the French Government Innovation agency for my invention. This was followed by my second patented invention of the kit for oneself impression taking to manufacture dental appliances. I filed my patent in USA with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), then, I moved to Los Angeles as a French investor. It took many years to get the patent published. My US patent lawyer, by the way, is currently a Patent Judge. This is how My Dental Wig false teeth was born.
Do people need to go to the dentist to get the Dental Wig?
No. People don't need to go to the dentist to get the Dental Wig, we go to them: from the first impression to the delivery and adjustment, people get their custom-made Dental Wig in the comfort of their home. The Dental Wig is not shipped, it's the Haute Couture of the dentistry. My promise was to go back home to Cameroon and make my grandma's teeth. Well, we go to customers' home, get their impressions (2 to 5 trips out), and deliver the perfect fit Dental appliance in the world. That's the fulfilment of my pledge! You can learn more at
If someone is only missing one or two teeth, will the Dental wig cover their good teeth?
No, the Dental wig
does not cover the good teeth. It snaps into the empty space the natural tooth/teeth were and fit perfectly. My Dental Wig is patented, and FDA approved. It is elegant, metal-free, painless, eco-friendly, long-lasting and affordable dental implant alternative. It replaces your missing teeth without a dentist, and from the comfort of your home. We will come to you. My Dental Wig is the affordable way to substitute your . missing teeth
What are the most important things people need to know about My Dental Wig?
My Dental Wig can replace from one missing tooth to all missing teeth.
You don’t have to go to the dentist: we will come to you.
Because the entire process of manufacturing a Dental Wig is the same, we make things even better, we charge per jaw (1 Jaw 1 Price no matter how many teeth are missing) instead of charging per tooth missing as the dentists do. It does not cost us more to replace only the front teeth missing on 1 jaw while there are teeth missing on the back of the same jaw. This means that from 1 missing tooth to 14 teeth missing on one jaw, the price is the same.
. I have created Buy Once Smile Forever plans, better than Dental Insurance and any dental saving plans, available at, for less than a cable bill. This is an amazing automated system that provides customers with all their dental care/smile care needs including their Dental wig and have them delivered to them. The subscriber will get a new Dental Wig made and a new toothbrush shipped every 36 months; 1 toothbrush head shipped every 3 months while all other dental care needs like teeth whitening foam, teeth whitening pen, dental floss, etc. will be shipped every month. It’s a real dental peace of mind for life. Sign up today at
        Why spend that much money for dental implants when you can get more with My Dental Wig without pain! At the end of the day, MyDentalWig and dental implants are all false teeth.
My Dental Wig as a company is one of the greatest models of franchise business system.
Become MyDentalWig licensee and Start your turnkey dental business. Our services guarantee:
*Intensive training of 4 – 12 weeks
*Start – up equipment
*Business marketing
My Dental Wig business is a Standalone EB5 Visa Investment recipient. Our services guarantee:
*Direct access to licensed EB5 Visa Investment Lawyers
*Fulfillment of the required 10 full time jobs in USA.
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