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Lydie Livolsi's Interview On Build Grow & Enjoy Radio Show In Atlanta

It was really an honor to accept this interview from Jiggy, the Host of Build Grow & Enjoy, Atlanta, Georgia Radio Show, because, my first client with the Dental Wig in Downtown Los Angeles, was from Atlanta! I had couple of clients who flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles to get their Dental Wig...Thank you so much!

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Jiggy:  We are live,  his life can get here on build, grow and enjoy the BG E radio network out of Atlanta, GA and we have got a great great  guest to kick off our programming for the broadcast day and before we get rolling here on BGE, we always let the guest  do their own introduction because a lot of times I miss something, so we are going to go to the old skip Skype. You don't skype or Rooney and go ahead and give us a brief introduction on yourself my friend.

Lydie:  Oh Great, thank you so much I GG for having me here is some little bossy founder of my dental wig, Los Angeles based company that makes custom dental wig so the dental wig itself is an elegant, ecofriendly painless long lasting at affordable dental implant alternative that replaces the missing teeth without having to go to the dentist. So let me show you how the Dental Wig looks like. I’m wearing a dental wig on my lower jaw and the dental wig on my upper jaw because myself I had some missing teeth. So here how it looks like ….. ok so here You see the hole

Jiggy: Absolutely amazing!

Lydie: This is how the dental wig looks like. There is no metal hook, because in fact the metal hook damages the other teeth.

Jiggy:  Yes

Lydie:  so, it looks like this very small. It snaps into the empty it custom made and what we do is that we tried to match the color of the gum of each customers while because as you everybody has its own gum color.

Jiggy: YES Absolutely   

Lydie:  like myself, my gum. The color of my gum is not pink, Caucasians’ gum. You see, it is brown. So we tried to match a little bit here so that it looks a little bit like the color of the gum. So here is how it’s looks like this, like you see.

Jiggy: Absolutely! Absolutely amazing!

Lydie: Everything I eat bread need cashew, apple, everything I sleep with it. So in fact the only moment that I take it out when I'm brushing my teeth out brush my mouth like normally we do runs my mouth and then take it out, brush it, rinse it, snaps in and go and the beauty of this then to wait is not just about allowing us to chew, it also prevents other teeth from drifting. So, we Came out with a technology-based platform where each person missing at least one tooth or many teeth will go on the website or directly from the cell phone and they will select their dental wig. We made things very simple and easy. We priced one jaw one price the same price for one jaw ,the same for upper jaw, the same price for the lower jaw and a little discount for those who need dental wig on the upper and the lower jaw and from that same place on the website for the customers are able to book their first appointment and after that our trend and background check dental technologists will go to your place again. The impression go back, make it try out delivery and even go back for adjustment if needed.  All these without with no extra charge is it amazing.

Jiggy: fantastic.

Lydie:  we created by wind smart forever. This is completely disruptive. What because it's a layaway program where any person with missing teeth just make the monthly payment and the amount is really affordable. $60.00 per month right now for one jaw it is less than the price of a cable bill, right? And when you pay off your balance, we will send a background check than to web technologies to your place and start the process. And our goal is really to solve missing teeth on the planet, allowing all people with missing teeth to get their dental work in their mouth. This is what we do.

Jiggy: We have got a tremendous guest this today joins us live here on Build, Grow and Enjoy, the BGE radio network out of Atlanta, GA. Now you are currently amount the 2020 Women Founder Network (WFN) Top5 “Woman of Distinction Award” Finalists. Can you tell us about it?



Lydie: Yeah, I mean so. The WFM is again a company based here in Los Angeles that helped women entrepreneurs to raise capital and growth business and the company was founded. I believe 2013. And what happened was that with this systemic racism going on since this last spring, they decided that this year 2020 will be specifically for minority owned companies, so we are five among 140 candidates. Something like that Black Latinas and pitch competition will happen on November 12 here, but now it's on zoom right? Because yes, we can meet in the room and the great thing here is that they provide being among those top five. They provide us with mentor ship already assigned with my mentor who is in Silicon Valley and they provide also, business coach know for understanding the financial anyway they provide and all the training for women founders to learn how to grow and scale the company.

Jiggy: Fantastic, fantastic, we have got the perfect guest this week here for build grown, enjoy each and every week. We chat with folks about their businesses and about building businesses and we've got a great guest with this. Today she joins us live here on a broadcast. So how is the preparation of the upcoming November pitch competition? How's this going?

Lydie: What's going wonderful. It's really a great opportunity. It provides women entrepreneurs with more visibility, so since that it's a nonstop I have investors selling the sending email lady. Can you send me your picture and we are pitching in with my team with my CFO and my CEO. We are pitching and basically what is really amazing is that because of these more visibility that the WFM award provide I receive right now we are listed on my dental is listed on the dream exchange platform. That part of the visibility that being one of the top five women of distention award of WFM  2020 brings us all these benefits.

Jiggy: That is truly amazing. It is Built, Grow and Enjoy. this week the BGE radio network out of Atlanta, GA brings you a tremendous tremendous guest and she joins us today broadcast. You can get more information at or also find them on Facebook at my dental wig. So that leads us to the next question. My dental wig, the business itself. How’s it doing right now.

Lydie: So What happened to work that we start to sell an advertising on social media and we had you to them and we were overwhelmed then we said OK but needs there what's next? Pause the company and then go find investor. Look for capital to grow. So right now what we're doing and also with this COVID-19, our focus is on the Buy Once Smile Forever™ layaway because it allows us to build up our own plan.


Back then we were buying supplies from China and now we can't do that anymore. We have to build our own factory here in the United States, of course, made in the United States. But now the product the materials will be made in the United States. This is where we are now. Raising capital to build our factory here in Los Angeles.

Jiggy: That is fantastic and phenomenal. We have got a great guest today here on Build Grow and Enjoy the BG E radio network out of Atlanta, GA. Get more information. Built grown So what is the Dream  Exchange Connect? Tell us a little about this.

Lydie:  yes, so as here in the United States, the New York Stock Exchange has over 2000 companies.

Jiggy:: Yes.

Lydie: Among those companies, only one company is black owned. It tells you really about the problem of the “Systemic Racism”. That is why dream exchanges is disruptive right now. It's disrupting the entire stock exchange market. First of all, it's owned by minorities. It allows minorities to list their company. The Dream Exchange allows minorities business owners to connect with investors and offering more  visibility for small companies,  and one of the great disrupting aspect of the dream exchange is that they allow small companies to grow within their stock exchange and then they can move to the New York Stock Exchange. This is really amazing what they are doing. They have the technology for small business to scale, and for small businesses who have the scalability to grow are allowed to become publicly traded business.

Jiggy: that is just amazing. I'm glad that that's been established, and that is definitely moving forward, and that's what we do here at Build, Grow and Enjoy the BGE radio network out of Atlanta, GA. Built grown and so as we wrap up here with you my friend, we want you to go over, by the way to that's for more information. So what is exactly being a founder mean to you?

Lydie:  being a founder of a startup, especially here in there. Tim Romero is and American who lives in Japan. He has a pod podcast called Disrupting Japan. He really explained very clearly what being a founder of a startup means here in the United States because in fact founder is in the United States. The risk of calculation of any reward is very in the favor of the status. What because when you are founder started you don't need your money, You use capital from investors, so the downside of risk is very low, and with huge benefits and its goes well, you can really build wealth for yourself, your children, and maybe your grandchildren where they will never have to work again. And that's Why  it's this country America is unique in that it allows that to take that risk with. In fact, it's not that big risk. Does it make sense?

Jiggy: yes. Indeed, as we wrap up here with you, my friend, where can we get more information on what you're doing and get involved with you and everything else?       

Lydie: So if you want to look a little bit about what we do on our website, visit us at This is for customers, but for investors looking to our deck you can go on the Dream Exchange, create your account as an investor, and then have access to the Dream Exchange Connect platform where we are listed and then we have all materials like our deck or financials, our team and all our business goals. Yes, two addresses.  First, or

Jiggy: Fantastic, you are definitely quite the quite the individual and you have made a lot of impacts on the business world.


To watch the video interview, click here

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