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Part1: #LydieLivolsi on The #London DRH Show- Smiling and Well-being

This Lydie' s interview with the DRH Show, a London - based Podcast about Mental Health and Wellness. Lydie is tackling the dental wellness or how non-healthy teeth can ruin your mental health

Dennis: Hello, we're rolling into another episode of the DRH show. As usual, in each episode I'll be talking to interesting people within psychology, mental health and wellbeing. My brilliant guest for today is a smile expert and an author

Lydie Livolsi. Thanks for joining me.

Lydie: Thank you so much, Dennis, for having me here today. It's really my pleasure.

Dennis: You know what, I've been talking to a range of people since I started this podcast in December of last year, but I've never came across a Smile Expert. So, this is really an interesting episode, but, could you just, take me through your backstory so we can kind of situate your values and how you ended up doing this work, especially that you've been known as a smile expert.  So, what's your background?

Lydie:  So, basically my background is, on the dental manufacturing side.  I have over 30 years in practicing dental manufacturing. So, I can make crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontics, dentures, I can make all types of dental devices. All these dental devices contribute to make people look good, to make people look, get a better health. So, yeah, my background is about, let's say, a dental wellness.

Dennis: And I suppose one of, the most appropriate question to ask you as a smile expert, someone who has been working on the dental industry, just like what you've said, you're working,  to improve on dental wellness of people is,  let's talk about the importance of smile. What, why, why do we have to make sure that actually, we have that winning smile when we engage in conversation with people?

Lydie: Yeah. You know, we are human beings, and that means we have feelings, we have emotions, and a beautiful smile is really linked to healthy life. It's not possible to have a beautiful smile if you have bad teeth. Right. It's not right. It's just a basic. So, it's important to have a beautiful and healthy tooth because it helps you. It helps you strengthening your self-confidence when you go public, when you're talking to people, you feel more confident, and even in your intimacy, it's not just about going public, you know, it's how you interact with other people.

People will remember maybe the color of your eyes, maybe your hair, maybe your face, but I'll tell you something, If you have bad teeth and bad breath, people will run away from you and they won't tell you anything about it. They will just avoid you. That's it.

Dennis: And also, I understand that, for the longest of years, this is actually what you're trying to concentrate on, just to ensure that people actually have that confidence and have that smile. And I understand that you also, are the founder of a company called My Dental Wig. Is that right?

Lydie: Exactly. Yeah. I'm the founder of my dental wig. My dental wig is a Los Angeles based dental manufacturing company. And what we do is that we really, improve how people get their missing teeth replaced. That the fundamental, the core of our business is to replace missing teeth. And what I was able to add on top of that is to really, always trying to help people, always trying to make people's life easier, we also have, foreign investors, you know, helping HNW, foreign investors to come to United States and live a beautiful life. So, this is basically the core of our business. We make everything easy, accessible online our only website, where you find everything we do.

Dennis: And, I suppose one of the questions that you often get in this line of work is what causes tooth loss? So, I know some people are already aware of that, but for the benefit of the general public, could you just kind of, orient us about, what causes tooth loss?

Lydie: What causes, can you repeat the question please?

Dennis: What causes tooth loss?

Lydie: Basically, tooth loss is caused either by accident, which unfortunately can happen or by, cavities. You know, when people don't get their dental checkups, with the dentist, they don’t get the cleaning done on a regular basis, they build up cavity. And little by little, the cavity really destroys their teeth, which ends up either, causing fillings, and even depending upon how the bacteria has destroyed the tooth, then the tooth needs to be replaced with a crown, or if not possible, the tooth will be extracted..

And before getting the tooth pulled out, the dentist really tried to, save it. At the end of the day, nothing will replace the strength of a natural tooth, even an implant. This is really something that people need to understand. Nothing will replace the strength of a natural tooth. That's why dentist will do the best possible, to keep the tooth by like the filling, and if after some time the filling is not enough, maybe a crown. And sometime even the crown is not enough. The tooth needs to be pulled out and when the tooth is pulled then, we have a gap, and this is where My Dental Wig fits in. So, we are really expert in replacing missing teeth. We can replace from one missing tooth to all missing teeth.

Dennis: Exactly. And, I was also looking at your website right now, and I've noticed that there's actually a product called Buy Once Smile Forever™ plan.  Could you tell me how it works and what exactly does it involve?

Lydie: Of course. What happened was that, I found out that from the beginning, when I got into the dental industry, my vision, my goal, was to solve missing teeth on the planet. So, I always have that in mind. Always asking myself, how can I help more people? You know, to make something, that people when they get it, know that, there is no worry about losing any tooth. So that's why, I created this Buy Once, Smile Forever™. It's like, its name. You buy one time and you smile forever.

It's a monthly membership that it's.  With a monthly payment as low as, right now it's, I think it's like $80 per month and it comes with replacing  all your missing teeth, on one jaw every three years with a new dental wig done plus,  it comes with all your smile care needs, shipped to you every month or every two or three months depending upon the product.

So, we will ship your electric toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, the flossing, all dental care needs to you. And every three years, one of our trained and background checked dental wig technologist will come to your place, get your impressions, go back to the lab. Make everything come to you, try out, go back to the lab, finish it, come to you, deliver it, and if you need an adjustment, it'll come back and adjust it as no additional charges.

It's like a turnkey or worry free about teeth missing. We put all this into one single membership, so there is no problem anymore. It doesn't matter how many teeth are missing on the jaw. During the process as long as you're making your monthly payment, you will get your missing teeth replaced for all your life. How about that?

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