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Medical Prefessionals During #Coronavirus Are Our Heroes


Few days ago, one of my Facebook's friend whose wife is a nurse, posted asking for emotional help support because of what she is going through right now with the #coronavirus.

I shared the experience of an Emergency Doctor, who was "sick" after each patient's death that he couldn't prevent....until the day he realized that he wasn't responsible for those deaths AND that each patient dying wasn't dying with him. That was a big moment of relieve.
I also shared the example of one of my classmate who left med. school for dental, because she couldn't deal with seeing dead bodies...

It really comes down to the FEAR of our own death. Even though, we know that we will die one day, we are still afraid of dying right now...
Being a wife of a former military doctor who operated in very tough war zones like #Rwanda#ExYugoslavia#Chad etc. and friend of one of the US Commander in #Iraq war, these are people who were putting their sacred life in front line #EVERYDAY, I personally understand what all #MEDICAL #PROFESSIONAL around the world are feeling right now.

Having to wake up everyday, getting ready to go to work, where so many people are dying, is not something that is emotionally easy to deal with.

Thank you so much for your courage!
Thank you so much for your fearlessness!
You are definitely our #HEROES.
Stay protected by all #positive forces in the #Universe.

#mask #doctors

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