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Dream Exchange Is Disrupting The Stock Exchange Industry: My Dental Wig Is Proud To Be Listed On DreamEx Connect


Among the 2,400+ companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, ONLY 1 is a #Blackownedbusiness. This alone tells you about the negative impact of the "Systemic Racism" over Blacks in the USA. The assassination of #GeorgeFloyld which was an eye-opening over the long time ongoing of the systemic racism in America. Even the #SiliconValley did not change that situation.  When we ALL know that African Americans And White People were those who fought, kicked the asses of Europeans Monarchies and FREE America, it is totally disgraceful. However, an African proverb says, "when the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree".


Dream Exchange Disrupting at the right time and at the right place

Timing cannot be more perfect than this. The Dream Exchange that is planned to be launched in 2021, the “first -ever minority – owned stock exchange” is the NEW exchange platform designed for trading of small companies and minority-owned businesses which is totally disruptive.

  • “The Dream Exchange is a real solution to the long-term systemic issues plaguing our country by providing a marketplace where money flows to any and all organizations that help us to survive better as a society” said Co-founder Joe Cecala. “organizations that help us to survive better as a society” no matter the skin color of their founders, nor the current size of the company. Period. Fair enough.
  • 2- The Dream Exchange Co-Founder and majority owner Bill Ellison is a minority owner.
  • Incredible small business valuation technology

Most investors invest based on company earing’s valuation. This valuation makes sense. However, some companies show a huge potential ROI based on their future: example TESLA. We can remember Kevin from Shark Tank TV aka Mr. Wonderful, upset about Tesla’s investors. He was saying things like, I don’t understand why investors are dumping their money in Tesla with zero cars sold….Tesla Co-Founder Elon Musk has this big vision of the future of the electric cars’ industry. Today, Tesla is worth billions of USD dollars.

The Dream Exchange has its proprietary technology called the "Equilibrium Pricing

  • Dream Exchange allows transitioning to the NYSE: small companies listed on the Dream Exchange platform grow and if they want, move to the New York Stock Exchange whenever it’s possible.
  • DreamEx Connect is a “free capital networking software that brings business owners and investors together”.

IMy Dental Wig  is proud to be listed on this amazing platform.  We have a big vision over the missing teeth’s industry.  If you are an investor interested by our Financials, to create your free account at DreamEx Connect and access all our materials. 

To directly contact My Dental Wig #Blackownedbusiness Lydie Livolsi:



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