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My Dental Wig was My Dream


My name is Lydie Livolsi and I am the proud founder of My Dental Wig. Born and raised in the central African nation of Cameroon, after graduating from high school, I had set my sights on becoming a judge or a surgeon. I knew that I wanted to help people.

My focus narrowed significantly following a discussion with one of my older sisters who was a dentist at the time. Our grandmother, a beautiful old woman, had only two canines left on her upper jaw. She loved to eat crunchy roasted peanuts but she couldn’t do so because of her missing teeth. She would kneel on the ground and use our ancestral granite crushing stone, passed along generation after generation, to crush and obtain smooth peanut butter. Yet her dream was to be able to chew roasted peanuts. She begged my dentist sister to make her teeth so she could chew peanuts.

My sister answered that she was a dentist, not a teeth manufacturer. Her responsibility was to treat teeth and help people preserve them. Whenever a tooth could not be saved, then she would pull it out. My sister took the time to explain to me the detrimental effects tooth loss has on people's lives. She also explained the weaknesses of the entire dental field. Instead of being a patient-centered treatment system, she noted that the entire system is geared towards the dentists' interests while the manufacturing side of the dental profession is largely ignored.

That's when I chose the dentistry field as a career. I moved to France back in 1987 and entered a very expensive private dental school.

On the day of my flight to Paris, my beloved grandmother gave me all the blessings of my ancestors...
(My mother’s family is related to ancient Egyptians. We bury important people underneath the family house, a bit like Egyptians mommies :) There aren't any cemeteries in our culture. My grandmother was the one carrying and passing on our tradition to the next generation. She was the one watching out and making sure our ancestors’ skulls were protected generation after generation.)

I moved to France so I could learn how to replace missing teeth in order to go back home afterwards and make my grandmother’s teeth, the teeth that would enable her to chew roasted peanuts. Sadly, a year and half later, in spring, I received a phone call telling me that grandma had passed away. I was devastated.

The same year, during summer break, I went back home. I pledged on her grave that because I wasn’t able to make her missing teeth, I would do it for all people on Earth to honor my pledge to her. I returned to France with the determination to solve missing teeth on earth.

The solution came into sharp focus once I entered my Dental Technician Master’s Program, buttressed by my experience as a working dental technician working in a dental lab. What I noticed was the unnecessary barrier between the dental professional work and the patient suffering from tooth pain. In short, I realized that the current manufacturing process of dental appliances did not serve the needs of people with missing teeth.

I toiled in this environment for seven long years before I gained my first inkling of what would become my raw idea of My Dental Wig.

My next move was to relocate to sunny Southern California in Los Angeles.

I believe that we must live our lives helping other people. Towards that end, I am an active supporter of numerous charities and foundations that include:

  • (PCD) Foundation - Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Foundation
  •  Love of Margot Foundation
  • My Dental Wig Foundation; its website is The Facebook page is: @mydentalwigfoundation
  • KSFUSA.ORG for the Kartagener Syndrome Foundation; its website is . Its Facebook page is

As Gandhi famously noted, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others," and this mindset brought me to My Dental Wig. You will get the results that you want and need from My Dental Wig.

Visible tooth loss can be devastating for a person's self-confidence and life's opportunities. That's why I created My Dental Wig. I want to change the way people think about cosmetic dental procedures by offering an innovative way to improve their smile without causing a great deal of stress and without costing a great deal of time and money.

I will not rest easy until I have solved the missing teeth problems of the entire planet.

I believe that “Everybody deserves a beautiful smile”™ because your pearly whites are your calling card, and I would like to make sure that your smile shines through the world.


Lydie Livolsi, Founder & CEO of Dental Wig & Dental Wear, has over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, including Dental Practice Management. She is a Missing Teeth Expert.

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