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MyDentalWig Scored 100% on The Dream Exchange's ICA

The Dream Exchange is the up-coming (to be launched in 2021) stock exchange market for minorities and small business owned. 

I was born and raised in Africa where Black people are the Majority. However, i grew up in a town that always supported Cameroon as part of France. I was bullied at the recess by other kids, calling me "Bamileke Maqisard, Go back to your village.." My parents who fought for the independence of Cameroon, will say to me " do not respond" . The truth was that, my family was among the top 2 richest families in town. Therefore, their bully did not affect me. We were selling everything these people need, from food to construction supplies...

Today, in America, being considered "Minority" is something thing that my brain has to filter and hold, what can be used to scale my life, and my business as well. 

My patent's process was very tough! Today, scoring 100% over the Dream Exchange Introductory Company Assessment is a huge recognition for the work well done by my Patent Lawyer, who is currently a Patent Judge. Back then, he was the only Patent Attorney speaking French, in the New York Patent office, before he created his own Patent Office in New Hampshire... Long story short, the day he became Patent Judge, he called me here in Los Angeles, and share this amazing promotion with me. He added, Lydie, I want to thank you for being part of what contributed to my nomination as one of the young Patent Judge in America. As a Patent Attorney, I fought very hard, and defend your case as an individual Inventor against big corporations and got your patent issued... 

Indeed, in America, I am a quintuple Minority":

1- I am Black

2- I am a Woman

3- I am Black Native African woman

4- English is my 4th language

5- I am smart (just kidding)

I am going to kick the ass of the "Systemic Racism"

I want to thank you so much Scott, from the bottom of my passionate heart for your well done work.


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