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MyDentalWig: Worry About Paying Too Much Taxes As An EB5 Investor?

I speak with many potential EB5 investors who are already multi-millionaires in their country. One of the biggest questions that they are worried about is taxes.

Before we dig into it, let’s shortly explain what is EB5?

The EB5 Investor Program is a US immigration program also called EB5 investor visa, that grants foreign investors, their spouses and their unmarried children under 21years with the US visa, then the US green card in exchange of their investment with clean money in a US based company like MyDentalWig, the company has the OBLIGATION to create at least 10 full-time jobs in the USA.

The amount of the money to invested is determined by the US government, therefore is non-negotiable, down payment or any deposit is not allowed. It’s a 1 single payment of the total amount. The EB5 investor must explain and show documents of how she/he acquired not only the money to be invested, but also her/his assets (wealth). This is where taxes come in.

Currently in July 2020, the amounts required by the USCIS for EB5 are:

- $900,000 USD per investor with the obligation for at least 10 full-time jobs created within a TEA (Targeted Employment Area) which is an area with an unemployment rate equal at least 150% of the average national unemployment rate at the moment of the beginning of the submission of the first petition.

-$1,800,000 USD also called standard amount: here the minimum of 10full-time jobs can be created anywhere in the US.

As we can see from these 2 amounts, in order to be able to pay this amount of money, an EB5 Investor visa is already multi-millionaire in her/his country. Eb5 Visa is the US green card opportunity given to rich people, opposed to the diversity lottery visa which is for everybody. Supposedly already paying a lot of taxes in her/his country.

Paying Taxes As An EB5 Investor

There are many companies/consulting  out there which are not even based in the United States that will tell you that they are “Taxes Experts”, and they will help you manage your assets so that you will pay less taxes. Don’t listen to them. When it comes to taxes, don’t try to hide any assets to your tax collector. Especially nowadays with the all-digital, they are able to collect data from many many years ago. What you should know is that, when you get your US green card, you will pay taxes in the US on ALL YOUR ASSETS in the world. Few countries have double-taxation protection with the US. However, when you apply for the US green card, you must give up that double-taxation prevention.

You might be thinking “that’s a lot of money”. Well, the truth is that the United States is known to be a country with taxes in the favor of wealthy people with tax-cut, loopholes etc.

Remember one thing, the United States was founded by people coming from Europe. Back then, most Europeans countries were kingdoms. In those kingdoms, the people did not have freedom at all. They were forced to pay taxes to the king/queen for life. That is part of the reasons why some left Europe for America. With that background, America was created on the basic of freedom…

At the end of the day, the richest people in the world from Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, President Trump, Mike Bloomberg, Oprah etc. are Americans. They pay their taxes in the United States. You NEVER heard them complain. They don’t look for another nationality. It’s not only because they love their country, it’s also because their country gives them many favors. In my opinion, rich people payless taxes (in proportion) as a reward, a recognition of gratitude, for their contribution to the society. Also, their money, assets, and wealth are protected. The United States offers a safe environment to rich people to live their lavish lifestyle. It’s not like in some countries where rich people flee their country and hide their wealth like in Switzerland. No, rich Americans stay here and proudly pay their taxes.


In Conclusion

The bottom line is that, coming to America especially with My Dental Wig fast standalone EB5 Visa is project, is really coming in America from the big gate. Because it’s the most transparent EB5 offer out there in the market. It gives you control over your investment that helps you well manage your return on your investment on top of your US green card. We have a great team where each member is Expert in her/his field. Invest with us, we will make your American dream an amazing success story.

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