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Orthodontic Has A New Heroine│ Lydie Livolsi

Lydie Livolsi is an award-winning leading authority in the dental industry.  She is a foreign investor and the founder of My Dental Wig, a U.S. patented, FDA Approved product that has revolutionized the Dental industry and has practically eliminated the need for dental implants.
  With over 30 years of experience in dental manufacturing, Lydie invented this product to give Dental consumers the ability to skip the dentist waiting rooms and get their missing teeth replaced directly from the comfort of their home.
  Her patented and FDA approved Dental Wig (like A hair wig) is an elegant, painless, premium, long lasting and     affordable alternative to painful, inconvenient and expensive dental procedures.
  Born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa, Lydie is the brainstorming engine behind the Dental Wig. She has been featured in a national magazine and been interviewed on iHeart radio.  

Joseph Bonner

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