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Part 2: #LydieLivolsi on The #London DRH Show- Smiling and Well-being

 This is part 2 of Lydie Livolsi interview 

Dennis: Well, it sounds really fascinating, the range of services that you offer.  I thank you for explaining that to us. I'm sure a lot, of listeners who are interested in dental work will visit your website. But I just want to explore more about, earlier we already touched upon this, but I just want to explore more about, the benefits of looking after teeth.  Could you please talk, more about, it is benefits on our wellbeing and wellness?

Lydie: Yeah. I mean, again, wellbeing, here we are in, we said dental wellness, but the reality is that good health starts in your mouth. No matter what you do, you can exercise, do everything, sleep well, but if you have bad mouth, your health will never be good. So, we have people, we know were having very hard time finding a job, and, right after they got the dental wig, they were hired. They will call us back with the good following news “I got my interview” and they will thank us so much. Why? Because they walked in for the interview with confidence, you know, completely boosted. They say, “Oh, now I feel I'm a man” and this means a lot to us.

This is really what makes me feel good in my heart. I am like, ah, Lydie, I did it. I did. When I see people happy to smile again, I see those, clients 80 years young before the mirror, crying and I ask, why are you crying? The answer is “You don't imagine what I am feeling right now.  I was thinking that I will end my life with my ugly mouth. Now, see how I look”.  I personally feel “mission accomplished here”. Yes, this is what I do. Our clients range from 18 to, I mean, there is no age limit about missing teeth.

So, it is really about how we help people improve the quality of their life. And most of the time, when they get their missing teeth replaced with the Dental Wig, they go back and start improving their overall wellbeing. You know, when you have your self-confidence back, it helps you build up your entire life from career, to relationship etc. For elderly people, they say, okay, now I can go out in my community and I can speak out to people without covering my mouth, without looking poor, I can eat with other people, stop taking my meal to my room, because I'm not ashamed anymore and can eat with my mates.

The Dental Wig enables you chewing properly because this is another aspect of, having healthy teeth. My dental Wig is not just helping you, getting that beautiful smile, it’s also allows you to chew everything from apple to cashew, meat, brad, almond etc. Myself, I have one dental wig on my lower jaw and one dental wig, on my upper jaw. You see. Do you see it? No! And I'll tell you something. I just cannot imagine how people chew with missing teeth in their mouth. You see what I mean?

Dennis: Yes. So, um, yeah, it is good that you are trying to communicate to us how important, it is to look after our dental health, looking after our teeth basically. But it basically ties down to, you know, looking after our physical health because it is linked to our mental health and wellbeing.

Now, as I was looking at your website, I also, realize that you wrote a book and it has a clever title: “If teeth loss and chewing loss lead to memory loss, what about root canal?” It's a very interesting title. So, do you suggest that the root canal affects a wellbeing?

Lydie: Oh, absolutely. You know the process of, getting root canal is simple. Root canal treatment is when, you have like some kind of abscess in your teeth, your tooth, and the dentist needs to go inside the root and treat it. The problem with the root canal treatment is that, you know, it is like a web, and what the dentist needs is to do is to go and clean up that web, remove all the bacteria.

And it is not always an easy task. After cleaning the root, the dentist will seal it.  You see what I mean? It is difficult to say, okay, the web was completely clean up. It is very difficult to clean up completely the “web”, and that is where is the problem. Now, after the cleanup is done, then the dentist will place inside the root, what is called the post (it can be a direct post or a custom-made post from a dental lab).  You have the post inside the root canal, then, the abutment, and (very simplistic) the crown on top of the abutment. The root canal treatment is done.

However, if before that crown, before the post, the bacteria were not clean completely, where do you think the bacteria ate doing? They are continuing spreading inside. You see what I mean? At the end, you will see the crown fails, the customer will lose the crown. Because the root canal does not hold anymore. And when the crown falls like this, what do you think happened?

Dennis: Yeah, the bacteria.

Lydie: Of course, the bacteria. The bacteria in the mouth, are very close to the brain and very close to the heart. That why root canal has been very controversial in the dental industry. We all agree that pulling out an infected root is healthier than doing a root canal. But a root canal treatment is more expensive. Therefore, the root canal will be done. Having a root canal is a way to extend the extraction date, because at the end of the day, no matter what, almost sure one day you, that tooth will be pulled out.

Back then, implants were not common. Nowadays, dental implants are almost everywhere.  Because of that, the treatment plan proposed by dentists is to pull out the tooth and replace it with an implant. The process is even more expensive than a root canal. Dental implant becomes the absolute solution for replacement of missing tooth.  So, the truth is that when you have these bacteria inside, the best things to do for your health are:

  • to get that tooth pulled out. Why? Because after extraction, you get an antibiotic to kill and make sure there is no bacteria remaining in your body system.
  • To have the tooth replaced as soon as possible (the following 2 to 12 weeks after the extraction) preferably with My Dental Wiig. My dental will allow you (i) to chew properly, (2i) prevents adjacent and antagonist teeth from drifting (3i) prevents bone recession of adjacent and antagonist teeth and (4i) slows bone recession


So, unfortunately, people do not always respond well with antibiotic after a root canal treatment. That why, we often hear people complaining about having to take antibiotic over and over because of recurrent pain under a root canal treated tooth. The reason is that the infection is not over. Why? Because it's very difficult to treat a tooth completely with a root canal. And because of that, the bacteria continue to spread in the body system, and “destroy” your body invisibly.  But when you start seeing, the damage is big, and it is almost too late.

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