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Press Release: My Dental Wig launches it App

Press Release:


A brand new smile with just the tap of an app

Los Angeles, California, October 5th 2016 --------- Since Dental Wig launched My Dental Wig App on September 20th 2016 , people can now order a brand new smile (missing teeth) in just a few seconds, virtually anywhere, from their phone. The newly launched application completes the My Dental Wig Mobile system, a system based on a patented technology that allows individuals to take mouth impressions without leaving their homes. On top of being financially competitive, Dental Wig’s products are now also delivered in a groundbreaking and ingeniously convenient fashion wayMy. The application is currently available for free on Google Play Store and on the App Store.


Until now, if someone had missing teeth, and if she/he hated going to the dentist, or couldn’t afford to go to the dentist, or didn’t have the physical means to go to the dentist, then she/he would just refrain from smiling in public and would stay away from apples and cookies.

But these “dark times” are over.


Thanks to this new app, visitors can scroll through the various tooth replacement options and make a selection. They are then redirected to and prompted to enter their zip code to check for availability of service in their area. From there visitors can review their product description with what the order includes. Then they book an appointment when the technician will come to their house to deliver their Dental Wig, (booking is available Monday through Sunday). They add their Dental Wig to the cart, they pay online, and the order is placed.


Each order includes:

- The customer’s self-impressions taken at home.

-1 customized Dental Wig.

-a set number of trips to the house (depending on the package selected)

- 1 adjustment trip to the house if needed


My Dental Wig Mobile has the power to revolutionize the world of dental aesthetics. In today’s era, with the current technologies available, dentists do not have the monopoly over people’s mouths anymore. My Dental Wig App gives people the power to reclaim their smile without having to spend thousands at the dentist -as a matter of fact, without even having to leave their home.


“After decades of research and innovation, I knew that the patented Dental Wig would make a difference in the lives of millions of people deprived of smile,” declared Lydie Livolsi, Dental Wig CEO. “With the recent addition of My Dental Wig Mobile system and the launch of My Dental Wig App, I am proud to be able to break down a new barrier to smile equality and to deliver an affordable bright smile in the houses of people who have been suffering for so long.”


The app also features exclusive functionalities. It has a “Testimonials” section where visitors can see videos of people who dared to try this innovative system and who do not regret their decision. My Dental Wig App also features a chat room where customers are able to freely share their experiences with Dental Wig. Through this chat room visitors can enter contests and win prizes such as gift cards and discounts (i.e. AARP member discounts, veterans discounts, etc.) and more to come.

The app also offers an attractive referral program that grants a 5% commission on the spending of every person directed to Dental Wig.



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